Budgies in Art

Some creepy budgie art for Halloween!

Katrina van Grouw (from the book The Unfeathered Bird).theunfeatheredbird                                                                Fred Einaudifredeinaudi                                                                 Jan Fabrejanfabre

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Bullet!heartBullet lives with Des in Florida. You can see more of Bullet’s photos on Des’s Deviant Art page.bellBullet likes her spinny bells. She likes to get in between them.  She also has jacks she throws and balls she pushes around.  She’s very aggressive with her toys and likes to fight with them.babybulletI raised Bullet from a baby and took one photo everyday of her life for about 25 days to log her growth. I had no idea that was having an effect on her. The effect was she LOVES my camera and is very jealous and protective of it.cameraShe doesn’t like me taking pics of other birds or things. She does everything she can to be in front of the camera.  I was taking pics of the Halloween decor next to her cage and she jumped on me and bit me.  So funny as she wanted pics of her only. halloweenShe’s a white lacewing not an albino. You can see the tan markings on her wings, beard and tail in some photos.  She’s very feisty and a high maintenance budgie. But I love her and she’s a lot of fun. There are some videos of her on you YouTube too.  My name there is Thagirion9.b1

Sweetest Day

In honor of Sweetest Day – budgie treats (too sweet to eat)!

Amezaiku Yoshihara candyamezaikucandyjapanfc2blog_20140703005316095c2Screenshot (17)kotorix                                                                ?7be24ea1b2f3a1a52eef197a8209a6e466f0af10_l                                                          Chocofinochocofino-bird