Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Pete the Parakeet by Sharon Gordon.p1Pete is a happy parakeet. He has a swing and a bell and a cage that looks like a blimp. But suddenly Pete disappears. Where could he be?p2It turns out Pete was bringing his friend (a cat!) over to play at his house. Cooper thought this was a cute little book, but does not recommend that her budgie friends play with cats.

New Play Gym

The budgies have a new play gym.pgThis is how it came. pg2We changed it up a bit by adding a grapevine perch and some new toys.sunSunny went right into destructo mode.leraLera sitting pretty by the bell.coopCooper hanging out on the swing. The boys enjoyed the gym, too. But they were so active all their photos were blurry. Busy, busy budgies!