Awesome Aviaries

The aviary at the Kechara Forest Retreat, Malaysia.

The aviary was created for birds which have been rescued by His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche and his students.
“The aviary was built to provide maximum comfort, enjoyment, safety and care for our birds. The beautifully landscaped interior has perches, trees, plants, Buddha statues, heat lamps, lighting, toys, and a feeding trench. The melodious chanting of mantras permeates the air, bringing blessings to the birds and insects within the aviary and its environs.”
There is also a smaller aviary, where they quarantine birds who are ill or who have been abused/neglected.

Budgies at Kechara.


Budgies and Celebrities

British racing driver and budgie fancier, James Hunt.
According to his son, “He had about 250 or 300 budgies at one point. He’d spend hours on end with them each day and take them to shows around the country. He even won awards for them. We have the trophies at home, alongside his race-winning trophies!”