1096 Days of Emmy

Three years ago, today, we brought little Emmy home.

11/14/131311/14/141411/14/1515Todayem16Emmy is our sweet baby. She still takes the occasional snooze on the bottom of the cage (bum in the air), and she likes to hang out on the bridge or on one of the new platforms. Her favorite place to be, though, is Sido’s cage. When Sido is out, Emmy makes herself right at home.
Emmy is a good eater and does a great job with her mash. She’s very messy and gets it all over her face – good thing she loves to take baths. She, Sunny and Ozzie are still our “Three’s Company” trio. Emmy also likes to run around on the floor with Alfie (looking for stray seeds).
Emmy has come such a long way from when she first moved in. I thought I would never see the day when she would step up. But she is a pro now, and even accepts kisses. Her whipped cream belly is my favorite place to plant a smooch on her. We couldn’t ask for a more adorable budgie.

Happy anniversary Emmy, we love you!


A Perfect Perch

A little while ago I bought a platform perch for Emmy. Because her left foot doesn’t have much of a grip, she would have another place to rest. emmyThe perch was a success. So much so, that the budgies have been squabbling over it. So, I bought another one.coop2The perches come with an attached footie toy (I took them off to give the budgies a little more room). coopThe perches are 4 inches by 4 inches (they come in various sizes). You can find the perches at HappyWings on Etsy.