730 days of Lera

Two years ago, we brought home little Lera.

201414She’s the tiniest of the flock, but no one messes with Lera.

201515Lera had a rough 2015. She’s been to the vet a few times. Once for a scary bulge (it turned out to be fluid). Her beak overgrows, so she needs the occasional trim. Her symptoms seem to indicate liver problems. So she gets lots of veggies and gets two drops of milk thistle (non-alcoholic, of course) a day. Lera is a miracle budgie. She’s a fighter and always bounces back. Keep it up Lera!

2016l16Lera loves to hang out in Sido’s food bowl and chew on anything (got to work that beak). She is obsessed with the container I keep the bird covers in. She doesn’t like baths (she did at one time), but will sometimes take a dip in the water bowls. She spends a lot of time fending of the advances of Felix (who is her shadow), but she will let him feed her. Only Harvey is allowed to groom her.

Lera is our scrappy little spitfire. We adore her. Happy anniversary Lera – we love you!

Fashion Face Off!

resultsSorry Elizabeth – I guess the odds weren’t in your favor.

In the spotlight – Lera!

leraLera is doing well – she is truly our miracle budgie. Her beak still needs a monthly trim (even though she’s an avid chewer). Now that she’s feeling better, she’s back to climbing upside down and playing with “her” toys. Cauliflower is her new favorite veggie. We love our little Lerry berry.

Vet Visit Part 2

On March 12th, we took Lera to the vet for a beak trim. Thirty days later, we had to take her back for another. She’s always chewing, so it’s amazing how quickly it grew back.

Here she is before and after her first visit (March):l1baHere she is right after her clip job this weekend. vet2

Not pictured – Harvey (who was there for moral support). The vet tech clipped off the end then filed it down with a dremel. I couldn’t watch – but Lera handled it like a trooper. Hopefully it won’t grow again. If it does, she might need some tests to make sure she doesn’t have an underlying illness.

Here she is before and after her second visit (April):l2baMuch better. When we got home, she had some food and a nap, then was back to her usual hijinks. She seems much happier with her shorter beak.