Harry on Harvey

My Buddy Harvey

Like all the other birds, I would talk to Harvey by saying, “Hey buddy”. He never responded and if he thought anything about it, I’m sure he didn’t consider me his buddy. But that’s OK because Harvey was the birdiest of the flock. Never one to sit on my finger very long and always looking to where he would fly next. He loved all the girls and was usually the last chirp and chatter at bedtime, maybe singing every-budgie a lullaby.

I remember when Harvey came into our flock after Gordie passed away. Poor little Harvey was all by himself in a dirty cage with very few toys. It quickly became obvious that he was probably not treated very well by his former people and it would be tough to win his trust. At least we would provide him with a new flock and he could have a better bird life.

We try to provide all the budgies the best possible life next to living free in the wild. Of all the budgies, I thought Harvey was the most likely to welcome just such a life, which always made me a little sad. I called you buddy, but knowing that I’d never really be your buddy made me love you even more. I hope you’re at peace and finally able to fly free. I’ll miss you, buddy.



In mid-July we noticed that Harvey was feeling out of sorts. He had started to vomit, so we took him in to our vet. The vet suspected avian gastric yeast. He was given meds and we put him in quarantine. When he failed to improve, we took him back to the vet. He stayed at the vet’s office for two days and nights and was given different meds. We brought him home again, and he seemed to be improving a bit. He even put on a tiny bit of weight. On July 28th, Harry gave him his meds in the morning. When I checked on him later he had passed away.Harvey was our little “wild one”. We found him on Craigslist, where he had been living in a less than ideal environment. He was not tame, and was fearful of our hands. We did not notice he was was missing part of his lower beak until we brought him home. Harvey didn’t show any interest in toys and did not want to eat fruit, veggies or even millet (!).
It took a very long time to get Harvey to step up. But patience won out and it was a happy day when he did. I was still working on giving his little belly a kiss at bedtime. I did make contact a few times – we were almost there.
Harvey and the boys were great friends. He also loved the ladies. We called him “our little hormone”. He bonded with Lera and took great care of her. When she passed, he took up with Cooper. And Sunny. And he tried with Emmy (who belongs to Ozzie, and so was off limits). Harvey enjoyed his baths, and finally came around to eating his veggies. (and his millet). He was very vocal and would sing and chatter to his flock at bedtime. I’m going to miss his little voice. I still can’t believe he’s gone. Life will never be the same without our little yellow and blue budgie.

Spotlight on Harvey

Harvey has come such a long way since we brought him home. It took foreeeeever to finger tame him. But he did it! Even though he won’t stay on a finger very long… Harvey loves to pal around with his bros, Felix and Ozzie. He is very active and never in one place very long. 

I call Harvey “our little hormone”. He just wants to be with the ladies. Here he is staring at Sunny. He woos both Sunny and Cooper. He tries to flirt with Emmy, but Ozzie will chase him away. Lately he’s been chatting up Sido. Sigh.
Harvey is slowly getting to be more comfortable with his humans. I’ve even managed a few very brief belly kisses at bedtime. Patience with budgies definitely pays off : ).