Introducing Sido!

Last month we visited our local bird rescue (Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary) and met a little cockatiel named Sido. She was found in a dog park in November.sidoShe was very friendly and loved having her head scritched.sido2Of course, we fell in love with her.sido3So we decided to adopt her. Here we are with Sido on the day we brought her home (the eclectus parrot is Timmy, a little fellow that we are now sponsoring).usSido has been with us for one week now. She’s currently in quarantine in Harry’s office. Here she is in front of her flight cage.sido4She’s missing her tail feathers (only has two on one side) and the toenail/tip of one toe.  We’re going to let her wings grow out. She likes her veggies. Here she is enjoying some kale.

sido5Sido is very calm and gentle (a bit of a change from our busy little budgies). She likes to play with her toys. Dropping a ball over the side of the cage is fun.sido6So is playing with her crinkle paper on the couch.sido8She’s a “people bird” and is content to sit on our shoulders or on the play gym while we watch tv.sido7She’s a little love and we’re so glad that she’s part of the family. sido9Welcome to the flock, Sido!