Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Robin!r2Robin lives in Virginia with Alexa.r1 Robin was an escapee who was rescued by a new family in a city park.  He was scared and tired when he first came home, trying to hide in a cardboard box for the car ride. Here he is exploring the car when we first found him – gotta have the first day picture!r3 He’s a playful chatterbox. He hasn’t learned any words, but he does love to sing and play. He’s gotten a bit more comfortable with my hand in the cage. He won’t step up yet, but he does let me slowly move my finger toward him and pet his tail or his belly :) He also doesn’t mind me touching his feet, so stepping up may be just around the corner. r4Since he won’t come out of the cage yet, I move his home around so he can sit with me in different areas while I’m working in different areas of the house. Hence he is on a chair in this picture.

His favorite tricks are chasing his tail and doing somersaults around his perch.f1He now has two little birdie friends, Nymeria and Arya the finches. They don’t usually live in the same room, but sometimes they see each other and have chirping conversations  : ).r5He loves going outside when the weather is nice! He chirps away and watches the outdoor birds.

He also loves a good preening session, and his grapevine perch!

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Bert and Ernie!beBert and Ernie live in Minnesota with Karon.be9At the window, their favorite spot to sit and these cute little faces greet me everyday when I get home from work. be7Ernie sitting by the door in the morning, he is always the first one out of the cage.Wedding PhotographyBert by the bells-his favorite napping spot. be2Preening on the top of the cage after our Sunday bath, just to make sure the feathers go everywhere!  Wedding PhotographyErnie chewing the shoelace on the cage, for a boy he loves to chew on things! be6These two would be lost without each other! They make me laugh everyday and for as messy as they are, they give us 10 times the joy.be3be4

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Celeste and Cyan!cc Named after two shades of blue, these little cuties live in Central Louisiana, United States, with Kamryn and her family.cc1Celeste and Cyan are two spontaneous parakeets, about 6-7 months old. Too young to tell their exact gender, everyone just assumes Cyan is male and Celeste is female.They have only lived with Kamryn and her family for a few weeks, but are extremely friendly and love to perch on anyone and everyone’s head and shoulders. They then proceed to poop on them. House training is a work in progress.

Sadly their wings have to stay clipped because of the size of the house, but they love to flutter around. Especially in front of the window when Milo (their kitty sister that also likes to perch) is locked outside.cc2Their favorite thing to do is perch on Kamryn’s shoulder, snuggle up to her neck, and very loudly “kiss” right by her ear while she is trying to watch a movie.unnamedSometimes Kamryn will take photos of that and add captions, or doodles to them.
Their favorite snack is millet, and the container their vegetables are in.

They have a play gym but all they do is sit next to each other and chirp, like they do everywhere else. Unless the swing is involved. Swings before love.

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Bubba!DSC_5255_zps990a6948Bubba lives with Andrea.DSC_5372_zpsfb2cc801I’m a sleek, twitchy and spoiled bird, my favorite food is millet and for 2 months after coming home I refused to eat anything else. Then I got a friend! A little green and yellow guy came to live with me and I became so happy!!! I made silly chirping sounds and we immediately became attached. I also started eating more than just millet and I like to show my little brother around.DSC_5249_zpsa348b6edMy favorite toy is a rope hanging from a coconut that I like to preen, and I love to sleep on the highest perch or sometimes the cuttlebone.DSC_5376_zpsdd6e6738

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Fred!f3Fred lives in the UK with Jenny and her family.f4 Despite being touted as ‘hand raised’, Fred was pretty scared when he came. I think it’s just his natural disposition. Everything new is worthy of a corn dog pose: standing straight up like he’s got a poker in his bum. But he’s learning to trust me and is finding his bravery.f6He loves his kids. And singing with a YouTube budgie called Banco.fred1Seeds are his passion, lol. At the moment, Fred is refusing to eat his veggies and fruits.f8And his mash, as well.f9(Michelle: I’m sure with persistence, he’ll come around. Who could resist that lovely homemade mash?)f10Fred still doesn’t play with his toys, but he will happily stand on his daisy perch and watch the world go by through the window.f5I wouldn’t say he’s a contented budgie, but life is starting to be more interesting, and he’s becoming more curious than scared as the days go by. I think Fred has done very well for only being here a month.

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Kacey!kKacey lives in England with Laura.k3 Kacey is 5 months old – she was born 25/7/13.k1She loves to play with her little plastic budgie and treats it like a baby. She also loves her disco ball.k6

Kacey can talk now. She says “Hello” and “baby” and “pretty girl”. She absolutely loves seed and honey sticks as a treat but she won’t touch fruit and veg. She has quite a personality and has bonded with me and won’t entertain anyone else. I suppose she is quite shy.k5 She does love my two shih tzu’s and will watch them chase each other around the room. k4

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Sailor and Duckie!sdcThese two little cuties live in California with Erin.dandsSailor and Duckie will be five years old in 2014.lettuceTheir favorite treats are anything in any shade of green, celery, dandelion leaves, lettuce, broccoli, and parsley. They also love organic corn on the cob.seedDuring the day, they spend the whole time hanging out on their tree in the middle of the room staring out the window whistling at other birds as they fly by outside.napAt Christmas, mommy decorates their tree with plastic candy canes which during the whole week get slowly but violently knocked off onto the floor (where Sailor and Duckie think they belong). They both have Holiday stockings which on Christmas eve get a special surprise in each. This year the little elves at the North Pole hinted something about twine balls and millet sprays.scritchTheir favorite toy is a miniature hanging twine basket stuffed with crinkle cut shreds and beads. They love to slowly rip each and every piece of paper stuffing out and onto the carpet below. Mommy is continually refilling their basket with new shreds :) pinkPretty in pink.sanddGetting ready to nap.zzzZzzz.

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Scotty (aka Budgie)!

s1Budgie lives in San Diego with Ben.

s2I’ve had my parakeet Scotty (Budgie) for about 2 years. He doesn’t
talk, but loves to sing. When I first got him, he didn’t chirp for
about 2 weeks, but now he chirps all day long. He likes to sing along
to “noise.” So he’ll start chirping away with the vacuum cleaner,
static, action scenes in movies, or any type of rock song.  He also
likes the sound of running water, so I take him into the shower with
me when I can.

It’s been a priority of mine to see that Budgie will play with other
people, after all, half the fun is getting to show him off to family
and friends. That has lead me to also acclimate him to my friend’s
Holland Lop Rabbit named Marshmellow.  We started out at first just
having Budgie in his cage and letting the rabbit run around the cage.
Eventually they’d both be out of their cages in the room together and
finally curiosity got the best of Budgie as he’d to flying and landing
on Marshmellow’s cage. Usually what happens when they play is
Marshmellow comes up to sniff or investigage Budgie and Budgie flies
or runs away and then lands back where he was and then the bunny comes
hopping over.
Sometimes when I know I’ll be gone all day, I like to leave Budgie
over at Marshmellow’s house so they can sit with their cages by each

Budgie likes to wake up before I do in the mornings, so I usually open
his cage door as he likes to sit in the window and sing. I like to go
back to sleep. Sometimes he’ll fly and land on my arm and sleep there
where I go back to sleep for another hour or two. The only downside
is, sometimes he likes to come up and nibble on my toes or ears while
I’m trying to sleep.

s3Budgie likes to sit on the corner of my keyboard, right by the
backspace and delete keys. Which makes it hard when I’m trying to type
something and mess up because he’s blocking the fixing keys. He’s
usually not too happy having to move as I try to slide my fingers to
the keys. He also likes to stand on top of my tablet or touch screen