Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Bobby B. Boots!

Bobby lives in Australia, with mama Glynn.

Bobby was born with twisted legs and French moult (no main flight or tail feathers). He is wearing boots to correct his contracted legs as he grows.

He likes playing with his ball and having adventures with his dinosaur. His favourite food is corn.

You can see more of this little darling (and I predict, future internet superstar) on his facebook page, The Tiny Adventures of Bobby Boots.

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Holly!

Holly lives in Minnesota with Karon and Ernie (Cooper’s Cutie, August 2014).

Holly was adopted after Ernie lost his buddy, Bert, to a sudden illness. Holly had also lost her cage mate, and her former owner no longer wanted to keep her.

Holly is a sweet, fearless, smart and very curious girl who adored Ernie from the minute she met him.

She loves her mash, especially apples. And she loves exploring all over even in spots that are supposed to be off limits.

She and Ernie love their afternoon naps on the shadow box and playing with all kinds of toys.

Ernie was so sad before we found Holly but now he sings and chatters all the time. They are so cute together and we are so lucky to have our sweet baby girl for her first Christmas.

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Charlie!

Charlie lives with Steve and Georgina in the UK.

He is a great little character who loves nothing more than getting out and about and exploring in the house.

He loves the kitchen and showering ‘occasionally’ on top of his favourite bottle.

Charlie likes keeping an eye on passers by as he looks out of the window.

Charlie is 2 years old and has lots of toys including his favourite glitter ball. He is also a talented footballer and smooth talker with quite an extensive vocabulary. His latest phrase is “I’m a tiger.”

You can find more pictures (and videos!) of Charlie on his facebook page, Charlie Budgie Superstar.

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Pip!

Pip lives in Australia with Kirsty.

Pip loves fruit and gum leaves (he makes a chattering sound when I put them in his cage – like he’s excited).

Pip loves his swing. He jumps on the side of his cage, turns to grab the swing, jumps on it then goes lol sometimes hanging upside-down. He sleeps on it too.

He also loves music and chatting all day.

You can see more photos (and videos, too) of Pip on his facebook page, here.

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Popcorn!
Popcorn lives in Australia with Caitlin and Brock.

Popcorn enjoys watching YouTube with us. He loves music so he can talk loudly over the top of it. Millet is his favourite treat.

When he was a baby he was a light sky blue colour – now he is turquoise green.

His favourite toy is his silver bell that he is often pictured with.

Popcorn is on facebook. You can see more photos and videos of him here.

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Aussie, Chip (Chipper) and Oliver!

These three are second generation cuties! Mom and Dad are Peri Blue and Oscar. The little family lives with Susan in North Carolina.

Offspring with proud papa, Oscar. And below mommy Peri Blue keeps the babies in line.

Aussie is blue, Chip is yellow and Oliver is green.

These three like to argue and boss each other and their parents. They are in the large flight cage and they are on the move all day long. Each bird left the nest box flying and are all 3 excellent flyers. Aussie was the last to come out of the box. It took Peri Blue and Oscar 3 days of screaming at her to finally get her to come out. They just came out knowing exactly what to do.

Now that they are all together they seem really happy. They eat lots of veggies, seeds, and pellets. They love bath time and visiting Pete the cockatiel – and driving him crazy. But I think he likes the attention. If I am spending too much time with their cage he will fly over for a visit (and get his feet bitten for his efforts.

When they are out flying around, all I have to do is put on their night music and turn down the lights and they all go right in the cage and get on their swings. THANK GOODNESS!

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Dexter Budgerigar Bennett!

Dexter lives in Dublin, Ireland with Caroline.

He loves his little plastic budgie toys and throwing them around. And he loves playing with his buddy Whisper.

Dexter loves millet, in moderation, and spinach. He loves to chat, and has about 30 words.

You can see more photos (and videos) of Dexter (and Whisper) on his facebook page, here.