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Meet Pippy! Pippy lives with her two humans in the UK.4Pippy was adopted on the May 25, 2015. His favourite toy is his purple and blue cat toy with a bell in it, as it makes lots of noise when he throws it from the kitchen counter top.1Pippy enjoys sitting on a pot in the window of the kitchen playing the echo game. He likes to hear the echo of his own voice when he talks into the pot.5Pippy’s favourite treat is of course millet! But he has been known to steal egg noodles from our plate at dinner time –  and stir fry vegetables! He can be little chatter box. His favourite phrases are, “budgie, budgie bird”, “cute bird”, “beautiful bird” and “what are you doing?”.2 You can follow Pippy on both facebook and Instagram.3

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Mr. Poof!20160317_133753Mr. Poof is a 4 year old talking budgie who resides in Toronto, Ontario with Zivanka.IMG_20160316_130741Mr. Poof loves to talk more than chirp and can say over 40 phrases. His favorite saying is “Hi! What’s your name? I am Mr. Poof!” and he laughs. His favorite toy is by Polly Wanna Tiki Chew Toy. His also loves to eat broccoli and mangoes.

IMG_20160313_170449Mr. Poof has his own facebook page and is also on Instagram.

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Petre!11425836_680475072087485_6146631407304790647_n(1)Hello, humans!! I’m Petre or how my slave likes to call me: “Piggy”, “Fat ass”, “The Boy”. But I’ve learned to speak all of these words so now I get to call my human “Fat Butt”.1908290_759454994189492_4292954487990569222_n I love eating ANYTHING my human eats!!! My favourites are sweet potato and boiled veggies. But pizza will do just fine when human’s not looking teheheh. I even tried to eat one of her moles…well I found out you cannot do that :(12672198_774811635987161_3244820324704282135_oI also love sleeping very much – but right until 5am when I wake up and shout my chicken heart out and get on my human’s nerves and wake her up. It is so much fun!!10945758_683234865144839_1867072193140807769_nAnd I love feet!! I could play with my human’s footsies all day! I like following them all around the house and biting them. Also, I like watching the little birdies outside and talking to them and taking baths!!12540886_766924493442542_7141390231099512473_nTho I hate it when human dries me off in a towel, she says it’s so I won’t hurt myself trying to fly with wet fluffies – whatever. I love getting kisses from my human till I fall asleep, and lying on my back in her hands! : )11536104_679800692154923_24167144493373166_nHumans say I look like a tennis ball, probably because I’m a bit chubby, but CHUBBY IS GREAT!!12642710_773451102789881_4202010773948532165_nAll in all, that’s me, hope you’ll like me as much as my human does (not at 5am in the morning but you got the idea).

Stay fluffy,

*Petre is on facebook – you can follow his adventures here.

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Duster!1I’m Duster, I’m a little budgie who lives in New Zealand, but really I’m a cheeky monkey! I love to be involved in everything my Human does – we eat, talk, sing, play, and shower together. We also help each other with grooming as I love head scratches.2I love so many things – my friends, kisses, millet, rolled oats, baby birrrrrds, veggies, sprouts, Cheops Feijoas, adventures, rugby, the All Blacks, flying, talking, Little Humans and showing off my underfluffies (yes you heard the word from me first!!).3My most favourite thing, other than my Human, are my little blue lids. I have so much fun playing games with them and with my other lids – all my friends around the world know how much I love them.

Every Friday I celebrate Flip A Lid Friday on my Facebook page ( I also have a Lid Lovers Club as some of my friends love lids too!

I can do tricks with my lids…

And I can play drums…

I make my Human so happy, and I try to bring kindness, smiles and laughs through sharing my adventures with my friends throughout the world. You can find me at…

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Heaven!12360015_617966885018105_266114154596025729_nHeaven lives in Texas with Eve. 12274610_617957528352374_1562241565095854028_nHer favorite food is dandelion greens and various herbs. She loves millet spray but always chooses her herb mix over anything else. 12375058_617957258352401_815934900768280869_oHeaven loves bird kabob toys, piñatas and anything that she can shred. She loves dancing to Spanish rock music, sleeping on her swing, preening her humans (and their hair brushes).12339628_617960835018710_4138496930186350656_oShe also enjoys crawling into pockets, attempting to get into nostrils and ears, snuggling in long sleeves and flying around. She’s quite the expert pilot.. she’s mastered landing upside down on the ceiling air vent!12141654_617959631685497_8798406863258275691_nHeaven has her own facebook page.

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Piccolo!12285759_1652124538390325_2037561256_nPiccolo lives in New Jersey with Grace.12278143_1652124978390281_542745717_nPiccolo just turned one year old on October 6th, 2015. He’s an English budgerigar. His favorite pastime is chatting and eating millet (not necessarily in that order!).12272859_1652125078390271_1227758578_nHe shares his cage with another male budgie named Kalani who just joined the flock a couple of months ago. His other flock mates include two cockatiels and a Bebe parrot. Piccolo also resides with two dogs, two cats and a guinea pig, as well as two teenagers, a tween and two adults (he’s very bonded to the adult female). 12115736_1643286459274133_5249032625706711796_nYou can find Piccolo the budgie (and his pals!) on his facebook page. Stop by and say, “Hello!”

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Alistair!
 photo IMAG4689_zpsurazqlom.jpg

Alistair lives in the United Kingdom with Amber.
 photo IMAG5267_zpsv3ehav58.jpg

Alistair is only just coming out of a first moult that has lasted an age!
 photo DSC_1583_zpsddr1cmif.jpg

He’s really good for trying new food, finding a huge love of celery and sweetcorn!
 photo IMAG6193_zps0baqj1gq.jpg
He also loves to play with the beads on his swing, as well as almost everything else in his cage… Including his veggies… And the tray I put them on.
 photo DSC_1588_zps21rx9kcx.jpg

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Clouds and Sky!1Clouds and Sky live in New Zealand with Dee.2Clouds thinks he is a very important gentleman and therefore should be treated as such. He does not play, does not shred or climb. He would never debase himself by using his swing but he loves talking to it. In fact, talking and singing are the only ways he interacts with objects. 3His recent moult has turned him into a grumpy old curmudgeon… But we are not fooled: underneath all that snootiness he is really just a cute little bird who hasn’t yet seen his first birthday.

4Sky, on the other side of the spectrum, has all the cuteness and playfulness of the baby he is. He is a very confident little bird, whose joyful spirit and eagerness to bond are being sorely tested by Clouds’ aloofness at the moment. But we are quite confident that his natural happiness will conquer eventually. 5Sky loves nibbling and climbing. His favourite move is getting stuck between the side of the cage and the feeders.