This is why we can’t have cuttlebones*.

Cooper will immediately go into total budgie destruction mode. 

I had just finished vacuuming.

And this is the brand new toy – not 10 minutes from when I put it in. Budgies or beavers?

*Since we can’t do cuttlebones, the budgies get their calcium from calcium perches/ calcium kabobs and supplements.

Inko Colors

This is a very cute video about a flock of budgies who, with some help from some sparrows, help a lost budgie find his way home.
(Translation by bird with a character)

Cooper loved this little story. She liked that lots of budgie colors were represented, and hopes that this flock of budgies will have more adventures to share.

Thanks to Sondra for finding this little gem!

Odds and Ends

I didn’t have time to work on a post for today, so here’s a little video of Sunny (kind of) playing with the rings. She was weaving in and out of them until she saw the camera…

And here’s a photo of the flock. Ozzie and Felix are jockeying for position. Emmy kept hiding behind the play gym. Harvey wouldn’t face the camera and Alfie was falling asleep. This was the best we could do. Hopefully one day I’ll get a nice, clear shot of them all together.