Cockatiels on TV

The Lucy Show

Lucy Gets the Bird (Season 3, Episode 12)

Lucy and pal Viv are asked by Mr. Mooney (Lucy’s boss) to birdsit his cockatiel, Greenback. Naturally, the bird gets loose. Lucy tries to get her (or him – the bird’s gender switches back and forth) off the roof without success.

Lucy and Viv go to the pet store to buy a replacement bird. Little do they know that Greenback flew back home. Mr. Mooney suspects that the women will try to switch birds and is hip to their scheme.

The episode ends with Greenback safe at home with Mr. Mooney and the new bird telling the ladies that they’re “both birdbrains”.

Full episode here.

Budgies and Celebrities

Kim Novak

Bird Note: Another pet story concerns the parakeet – lavender colored, of course – Kim Novak bought in New York while she was here filming Bell, Book and Candle. For weeks Kim tried to teach the parakeet to talk, in vain. After each of these sessions, the only sound heard was Kim Novak’s sigh of resignation, “I give up…” Miss Novak now has the ¬†parakeet in her Hollywood home, where visitors can hear the bird speak only one line, “I give up.” – St. Petersburg Times

Painting by Kim Novak – who is also an amazing artist. You can see her paintings here.

Budgies on TV

Just Shoot Mejsm1Slow Donnie (Season 3, Episode 11)2Maya tries to convince Elliott that his brother is pulling a scam by faking a head injury. But who cares! It’s all about the budgies in the B storyline.3Nina is given a budgie as a party gift. She is not thrilled about it, but lies about loving the bird. She is then gifted with 99 more budgies. After calling the birds “stupid” and “annoying little creatures” they plot their revenge…4Full episode here.