Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Flo, A Very Special Budgie by Joan M. Wright.

Flossita del Budgeroo (Flo for short) is a very pampered parakeet. She has lots of treats and toys and belongs to a very rich old lady. One day the old lady goes away forever (!). Flo is taken to a new home and finds herself in a strange aviary with lots of other budgies.
Flo is not pleased to be with ordinary budgies when she is so special. Plump Flo can’t fly very well and feels out of sorts. She is rude to Fred, a budgie who tries to befriend her.
Will Flo be able to adapt to her new home and flock? Will she join the budgie choir – perhaps sing a solo? Will she find romance with Fred??

Cooper could relate to Flo (as she is also a special budgie). She was happy that Flo became friends with the other birds and found happiness in her new home. Cooper loved the illustrations (and liked that Flo was a blue budgie). Cooper is now practicing her singing so she can become a soloist, too.

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Cockatiel Lessons by Marguerite Floyd.

“Let’s just go in and look.” Marguerite Floyd and her mother decide one day to go into a pet store. Marguerite ends up leaving with a little yellow cockatiel who will soon change her life.

Sugar Franklin is a charming little diva (who hates toes) and Marguerite quickly falls in love with her feathered family member. It is not long before she acquires two more cockatiels (Flash and Nicholas) and an African brown headed parrot, Charli. Soon Marguerite is reading up on birds, visiting chat rooms, befriending fellow bird lovers and even writing articles. 

Cooper loved this story of one woman’s love for and devotion to her birds. Her human could relate to the joys and sorrows that come with loving these beautiful beings. Cockatiel Lessons is a must for anyone considering adding a bird to their family. Just make sure you have a box of tissue handy.

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Parakeet Bay by Andrew Steele.

Budgie Louie is ready for a vacation. He convinces his brother, Lightning, that Parakeet Bay would be the perfect place for a holiday.
At first, Parakeet Bay seems like a birdie paradise, but when Louie meets Kate, a beautiful budgie employee, he discovers the resort harbors some dark secrets. Louie and Lightning do some investigating and soon find themselves in danger. Will the two budgies be able to escape Parakeet Bay and return home?

Cooper loved this book. She liked the humor (Louie packs his bell), adventure (a daring escape) and romance (Kate and Louie). There are no illustrations, but at the end of the book there is a little blurb and photo of the author’s budgies (who inspired the story). They are described as being blue, Louie with a  bright yellow face, and Lightning, a pearly white face (just like Ozzie and Harvey!).

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Love Your Budgie, by Angela Rowe (illustrations by Natalia Rowe).

This tiny book is part of a series meant to teach children how to care for their pets and how to show them kindness and compassion. Food, water, toys and baths for budgies are covered. The budgie in the illustrations tells the reader how it feels when it has the proper care and how it feels when it is being neglected.

Cooper thought this would be a good little book for children who may have a budgie in their family. She liked the informative do’s and dont’s page as well as the little color pages at the end.

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Who Let the Birds Out by Susanne Swart-Haink.

Sister and brother are busy in the garden when they notice the budgies in the aviary are going wild. What could be causing them to be in such a state? Brother thinks the budgies need to be free, so he lets them out. They settle in a big tree.
Jack the dog enters the aviary and begins to bark at something (spoiler alert: invisible [to the human eye] trolls!). The trolls leave the aviary and the budgies fly back in.

Cooper enjoyed this little book. She thought the illustrations were very colorful and interesting. Children can count the many hued budgies and see if they can find the trolls, bees, chameleon, mantis, etc. on the pages. Cooper liked that at the end of the book the budgies were free to enter and leave the aviary as they pleased.

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Baruch the Budgie by C.L. Grunfeld.

Little Saraleh lives in England with her parents, and budgie Baruch. One day Sarah forgets to shut the door of Baruch’s cage and he flies away.
Baruch enjoys his freedom. He stays in a garden, where he listens to a choir of penguins and is watched over at night by an owl. When he tires of the garden he decides to fly to Israel. Luckily he finds a cruise ship to take him on his journey.
In Israel, Baruch visits the Wailing Wall and Kever Rachel. Eventually he ends up staying at an orphanage where he delights the children.
Meanwhile, Saraleh’s parents decide to take her to Israel. While visiting an orphanage, they hear a familiar birdsong. Could it be..?

Cooper enjoyed this book. She loved that the Baruch and Saraleh were reunited at the end. Her favorite parts of the book were Baruch’s outdoor adventures. He was a very brave budgie. Cooper also found the glossary of Hebrew words used in the book helpful, as Cooper loves to learn new words.

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Friends With Wings by Josie Strummer.

Maria’s 8th birthday present is two budgies she names Sugar and Spice. With her Grandma Nana’s help, she learns how to care for them and teaches them to step up. All is wonderful until Maria’s father accepts a job in another state. Their new apartment doesn’t allow pets, so Maria must leave her beloved budgies behind with Grandma Nana.
Maria misses her budgies. But Mr. Binter, the building superintendent, teaches her about the neighborhood birds and even lets her help fill the birdfeeders. Maria enjoys watching the birds, especially the two wild green parrots who look like large versions of her budgie, Spice. She names her new friends with wings Salt and Pepper.

Cooper enjoyed this book. She was sad that Maria had to leave her budgies behind, but was happy that Grandma Nana was there to look after them. She also liked the brightly colored illustrations (by Amanda Heavey).This book teaches young readers new vocabulary as well as giving them vocabulary and writing exercises to do.

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Little Budgie’s Done A Fudgie, by Simon Harris.

Mummy Budgie decides it’s time for Little Budgie to give up his nappy and use the potty. But potty training is tricky. Will Little Budgie get the hang of it?

Cooper thought this book was funny. She loved the brightly colored illustrations (by Sethmyr Eslit). She liked that Mummy Budgie was so encouraging and that Little Budgie got a reward (special seed) for going in the potty. She thinks this is a great book for little ones who are potty training.

Special thanks go to Kelle and John who sent this book for Cooper to review.

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Pet Subjects: Animal Tales from the Telegraph’s Resident Vet, by Pete Wedderburn.

In Pet Subjects, veterinarian Pete Wedderburn (who has a long running column in the TheTelegraph) shares stories of the various animals he has treated. Each chapter is followed with questions from the public related to the featured patient.
Cooper very much enjoyed this book. The bird chapters were her favorites. Particularly the chapter on budgies Flutter and Flap. Both birds had scaly mites (which were treated successfully). Cooper does love a happy ending.

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is A Budgie Tale, Emmit Goes to the Vet, by Cecelia and Andrew Davis.

Emmit is not feeling well. She has a tummy ache and does not want to play with her friend Rascal. When her human comes in to let the girls out to play, she notices something is not quite right with Emmit. She puts Emmit into a small blue cage, and off to the vet they go.

Cooper is very familiar with vet visits, so she knew that Emmit was in good hands. Sure enough, after a dose of an unpleasant tasting yellow liquid, Emmit was back to herself and ready to play with her friend Rascal.

Cooper likes that Emmit’s owner took her to the vet as soon as she noticed Emmit was sick. She was very happy that Emmit recovered quickly. She  enjoyed reading about the author on the back cover – that husband Andrew was not a bird lover until he got to know Cecelia’s budgies, Emmit and Rascal. Now he has his own birds, Clementine and JD (he even did the illustrations for the book).