Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is The Mermaid and The Parakeet by Veronique Massenot.

The Mermaid and the Parakeet is a story inspired by a painting by Henri Matisse (The Parakeet and the Mermaid). A beautiful mermaid is stranded high in a tree by a storm. Without the water, she will not be able to survive. Luckily, the Prince of the Parakeets wishes to help her. But how will a tiny bird be able to carry a mermaid down a tree?Cooper adored this story. She loved the colorful illustrations (by Vanessa Hie) and the happy ending. Cooper also liked that it was a parakeet who saved the day by rescuing the mermaid. At the end of the book there is information about Henri Matisse, the illustrations in the book and creative process that went into making it.

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Penny the Parakeet, written and illustrated by Melody L. Schaefer.

Siblings Nick and Nora are looking for a pet. There are many to choose from at Big Louie’s Perfect Pets store. Will they choose a dog, a cat or a fish? Perhaps they’ll take home a little green parakeet named Penny…

Penny tells her friends stories about her adventures, can talk, and has her own fun version of “Kookaburra”. She is also very stylish in her blue hat and scarf. This book was inspired by the author’s own parakeet. Cooper does not understand why her human has not written a book about her yet…
Cooper and I want to thank Kelle and John (who have a flock of their own) for sending us this book.



Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Candy Cane the Christmas Cockatiel by Theresa Weber Corasis.

Candy Cane is a cockatiel whose life-long dream is to go to the North Pole and become one of Santa’s helpers. One day Candy Cane decides to make his dream a reality. He puts on his scarf and off he goes. On the way he meets a gingerbread couple, deer, a guardian angel, Sam and Samantha Snowman and Santa’s Elves. But will Candy Cane get to not only help Santa, but meet him as well?

Cooper enjoyed the tale of this brave little cockatiel. She had fun reading about all his adventures and the interesting Christmas characters he met. Cooper loves when a bird’s dreams come true (though she would have preferred that the book starred a budgie, of course). She liked looking at all the photos of Candy, taken by the author, and would recommend this book to any Christmas loving budgie. Or cockatiel.

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Oz-E and Limpy, Let’s Be Friends by Frank Cachia.

Oz-E and Limpy, Let’s Be Friends is the first in a series of books about two little budgies. One day Oz-E notices a new bird in his house. Limpy is a shy bird, who thinks because he limps the other birds will not talk or play with him. Oz-E reassures him that Limpy’s leg will not get in the way of their new friendship.

Cooper loved this little book. Though it was short, it had a great message about not letting differences stand in the way of friendship. She liked that Oz-E looked like Ozzie and that Limp-E looked like Alfie. She thought the illustrations (by Sharyn Madder) were wonderful, and now she wants to read the rest of the Oz-E and Limpy books. Such a little bookworm!

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Billy and Emma, by Alice Mead.

Billy and Emma are a pair of macaws who live at the Willowby Zoo. Two times a day, the birds put on a show. Billy climbs a ladder and rings a bell, and Emma plays the toy piano. One night a burglar steals Emma away. Billy is crestfallen and with the help of Nancy the crow, decides to find Emma.

Cooper thought this was a great book. She was happy that Billy and Emma were reunited and that the burglar was caught. She wished that the burglar had to spend more than three days in jail, but as Nancy the crow explains, “People aren’t punished much for hurting birds”.
Cooper enjoyed the big colorful illustrations (by Christy Hale), and thought the author’s note, which described the different birds in the book, was informative for young and older readers alike.

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Roy and the Budgie by Roderick Hunt.

Roy’s budgie, Joey, flies out the window. Oops. Roy goes into the woods to look for Joey. Roy doesn’t find his budgie, but he does find an ostrich. Luckily, Roy runs into a zookeeper, who is holding a very familiar budgie. The two trade birds and everyone lives happily ever after.

This is a very short book meant for beginning readers. Cooper thought it was a cute story. She would have liked less ostrich and more budgie, but she was glad that Joey and the ostrich both found their way home. Especially since she saw that Joey had some millet hanging in his cage.

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Dogbird by Paul Stewart.

Alice gets a budgie for her seventh birthday. Her father names their new pet Dogbird -because he doesn’t talk. What he does is bark like the family’s three Labradors. The dogs and Dogbird cause a commotion with all their barking – even disturbing the neighbors. Things quickly escalate and Alice and her friend decide to set Dogbird free. This does not go well when wild birds chase poor, frightened Dogbird. Luckily, he is able to fly safely home.
The family decides that Dogbird should go live with Grandma. Grandma is thrilled with Dogbird. She renames him Bluey, and he even learns a few phrases. Not only is Bluey a wonderful companion, but because of his barking, he is an excellent guardbird.

Cooper thought this book was terrific. She liked the illustrations (by Tony Ross). She was nervous when the dogs knocked over Dogbird’s cage, and even more so when the wild birds were attacking Dogbird. She was glad the book had a happy ending and Dogbird/Bluey ended up with a new name and someone who loved him.

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Krikey Runs Away by Janice Sabulsky.

Krikey is a handsome budgie who is unhappy with his living situation (even though he gets the best seeds and the juiciest part of the lettuce). The other budgies are tired of Krikey’s complaining and his talk of running away. One day Krikey makes his escape and flies away. His flock wonders if Krikey is enjoying his freedom, flying free into the blue summer sky.

But freedom isn’t that easy for a budgie. Especially with winter coming. When Krikey returns, he is wet and exhausted. Having survived the cold, cats and lack of food, Krikey is happy to be home again. No more complaining from Krikey!

Cooper enjoyed this book. She loved all the photos of the budgies. She was a little confused that Krikey looked different than the budgie on the cover (who is missing a foot). Budgies notice the little details. The story was sweet and Cooper was happy it had a happy ending. She also likes that the author had a bird sanctuary in her home and that she rescues pet birds that people no longer care for.