Spotlight on Ozzie

Beloved Ozzie, friend to all. I think he is our most vocal budgie. He answers me when I talk to him (in budgie, of course). He’s the only one who will do this. He loves to nibble, especially on Sido’s rope perch. So I need to keep an eye on him when he’s in there (the budgies are only allowed in Sido’s cage when she isn’t there). Romaine lettuce remains a favorite. And he is still in love with Emmy.

I think Ozzie is the most photogenic of the budgies. He has so many expressions! Here he is looking cuter than ever. Love you Ozzie!

On the News

Clear the Shelters Day is tomorrow. Our local news has been promoting the event by sharing photos of viewers’ pets. Of course, I had to send in a photo of Ozzie and Alfie.
Both Alfie and Ozzie were adopted from the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services.

And they made it on the news (video below)! How exciting! If you are thinking about adding a bird to your family, please consider adopting.