The Best Bakery

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The Sky Bakery is open

The Sky Bakery is open 🥐🥪The most difficult thing to do is make bread with plaster clay for the first time 😅It was hard with a detailed work 😅Ah 🤭All the things about the parrot training, as I've been writing.Mika Sensei's advice is accurate, and we can do two moves of " bring " to " bring " from the fridge ♬Why did you know if I was focusing on the fridge?I wanted to do a bakery 🤗That's all 😙

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I wonder if I could teach Sido to bake us some croissants?


Als je gewoon even lekker geknuffeld wilt worden

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Kickin’ It

Parrotlet Kicks Paper Parrotlet

When you hate fake friendsBy inkonopi1tan | TW

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Sizuku (the cutest little blue Parrotlet) enjoys a scritching session.

I would love to pet this cute birdie

I would love to pet this cute birdie

Posted by Bored Panda on Thursday, August 2, 2018

You can see more of Sizuku on his Instagram page: blue_birds_butler.

Brunch with the Birds

Yesterday we went to the Free Flight Exotic Sanctuary Brunch with the Birds.



Midori (who is sponsored by Cooper’s friends, Kelle and John).

A pair of party crashers…

*I can never remember which Macaw is which. Maybe this year I’ll get them straight.
Here’s a little clip of Baby Bird (who is sponsored by Cooper’s friend, Jan) in action.

Out and About

Canadian Dave Keeler really loves his budgies. He often takes his birds, Sammy, Melvin and Happy for walks around the neighborhood – and even hangs their cage in a tree at the park.The birds enjoy car rides. “Actually they love a car ride. Just like children, when they’re cooped up they just love to go out,” Keeler said. 

“It’s like anything in life, you get out of it what you put into it,” Keeler said. “And when I see my birds so happy and healthy, they certainly make me happy.”

You can read more about Keeler and his budgies herePhotos: Elizabeth Withey/CBC

Thanks to Cooper’s friend, Tam, for sharing this story.