Toys! Toys! Toys!

Our friends Kelle and John recently made a trip to San Diego, and they brought all sorts of toys for the flock.

Sido wasn’t sure about the straw toy at first…

Getting closer…She finally got close enough to test it out. Cooper couldn’t wait until Sido was out of her cage to play with it.

Ozzie found his happy place.Sunny with the broom toy.

Ozzie with pineapple.

Harvey with the jangly bell toy. This will be fun to sing to (He usually sings to the perch caps).

Emmy with the balsa wood toy (which was very popular).And everybirdies’ favorite – marshmallows! I usually split them up so that they can share (ha ha) more easily. Sunny says, “Back off”.

Felix likes the marshmallows, the camera – not so much.Ozzie being photogenic.Of course, the toys were a big hit with the birds. As Cooper says, “You can never have too many toys”. Many thanks to Kelle and John for being such wonderful friends to both us and the flock. We love you! XOXO

Spotlight on Harvey

Harvey has come such a long way since we brought him home. It took foreeeeever to finger tame him. But he did it! Even though he won’t stay on a finger very long… Harvey loves to pal around with his bros, Felix and Ozzie. He is very active and never in one place very long. 

I call Harvey “our little hormone”. He just wants to be with the ladies. Here he is staring at Sunny. He woos both Sunny and Cooper. He tries to flirt with Emmy, but Ozzie will chase him away. Lately he’s been chatting up Sido. Sigh.
Harvey is slowly getting to be more comfortable with his humans. I’ve even managed a few very brief belly kisses at bedtime. Patience with budgies definitely pays off : ).

Spotlight on Emmy

Emmy is still our “baby” (even though she’s the largest of our budgies). She can still be skittish, and is a complete homebody. She likes to hide behind the play gym when she comes out of the cage. But she is finger tame and every once in awhile she’ll hang out on our shoulders.
Emmy enjoys taking a bath. She sometimes naps lying down on the top of Sido’s cage, or on the bottom of her cage – which is both odd and adorable.Emmy lets me know when it’s time for the budgies to get their evening seed (they have mash in the morning and pellets all day). She and Ozzie are still a couple and she enjoys supervised visits with him (we don’t want any more egg issues). Emmy is our little darling, and has the softest, most kissable whipped cream belly.

Spotlight on Ozzie

Beloved Ozzie, friend to all. I think he is our most vocal budgie. He answers me when I talk to him (in budgie, of course). He’s the only one who will do this. He loves to nibble, especially on Sido’s rope perch. So I need to keep an eye on him when he’s in there (the budgies are only allowed in Sido’s cage when she isn’t there). Romaine lettuce remains a favorite. And he is still in love with Emmy.

I think Ozzie is the most photogenic of the budgies. He has so many expressions! Here he is looking cuter than ever. Love you Ozzie!

Spotlight on Felix

Felix loves to pal around with Ozzie and Harvey. He is usually the first one to fly out of the cage and he’s very good at getting out undetected (he’s a regular little Houdini). I still never know whether I will get a kiss or nip from him at bedtime. But there are more kisses than nips.

Here is Felix, aka: Mr. Gorgeous, on one of his favorite perches – the top of the green mirror. He also loves to chat to the mirror. But who wouldn’t want to talk to such fine looking fellow?