Cooper’s book report

Pete and Roland by Bob Graham

This book is about a little boy named Pete who finds a parakeet in his back yard. He names the bird Roland and has lots of fun taking care of him. What starts as a cute and fun little story takes a horrific turn when one day, Roland flies away through the window. Roland takes up with a flock of pigeons, so there is a happy ending.

Cooper’s favorite part of the book was when Roland would make little messes (poops) on the dressing table.

Same name

Wilhelmina Cooper(née Behmenburg)  –  (May 1, 1939 – March 1, 1980)

Wilhelmina Cooper was one of the most famous models of the 1950 and ’60s. She was on the cover of 255 magazines and holds the record for the most appearances on the cover of American Vogue. In 1967 she and her husband founded leading modeling agency Wilhelmina Models.