Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Bubba!DSC_5255_zps990a6948Bubba lives with Andrea.DSC_5372_zpsfb2cc801I’m a sleek, twitchy and spoiled bird, my favorite food is millet and for 2 months after coming home I refused to eat anything else. Then I got a friend! A little green and yellow guy came to live with me and I became so happy!!! I made silly chirping sounds and we immediately became attached. I also started eating more than just millet and I like to show my little brother around.DSC_5249_zpsa348b6edMy favorite toy is a rope hanging from a coconut that I like to preen, and I love to sleep on the highest perch or sometimes the cuttlebone.DSC_5376_zpsdd6e6738

Movie Review – Zambezia

This month’s movie is Zambezia.1Zambezia is the animated adventure of Kai, a young falcon who sets out from his sheltered life to find the famed bird city of Zambezia. In the city he befriends Zoe, a kite and Ezee, a nightjar. Kai learns the truth about his origins and joins the Hurricanes, the defenders of the bird city.3Cooper enjoyed the flight scenes and the ending, where the birds outwit and defeat the treacherous marabou storks and egg eating leguaans (monitor lizards).2Cooper was thrilled that the movie showcased so many types of birds. She was disappointed that none of them were budgies. She thinks if there is a sequel it should take place in Australia.