In the spotlight – Cooper!

Cooper watches the sunset.sunsetWell, Cooper is always in the spotlight – but that’s what happens when you have your own blog : ). Currently, Cooper is battling budgie bulge. She is fed separately and gets lots of fly time, but she gets the other budgies to feed her. So, more fly time has been added. Cooper hangs out with all the budgies, but likes to fly around with Ozzie and nap with Lera. Cooper is very easy going. Not much seems to faze her. Maybe the cage cover at night. She can be a little nippy when I give her her bedtime kiss (but that doesn’t stop me). She also smells wonderful. If I’m not kissing her, I’m sniffing her. Mmm!

In the spotlight – Harvey!

harvsHarvey is sweet and stubborn (and camera shy). He will let us pet his tummy, but only if he’s on the top perch. And forget about stepping up. I’ve tried a wooden perch, millet, everything! He just won’t do it. But I know we’ll get there soon. The little light bulb just hasn’t gone off yet.
In other Harvey news, he loves his dice. And Lera, of course. Like the other budgies, he enjoys his veggies, but fruit – not so much. We’re keeping an eye on his beak (he’s missing a portion of his lower beak) to make sure it doesn’t become a problem. Harvey is very vocal at bedtime. I like to think he’s singing lullabies and telling bedtime stories to the flock.

In the spotlight – Emmy!

emmersEmmers. She’s our big baby. Emmy was rehomed and is living proof that you should never give up on taming your budgie. Terrified of hands, it took months before she trusted us enough to step up. Taking her out of the cage took a few more months. But patience and persistence paid off. She even lets me kiss her belly now. Emmy also has the cutest squeak sneeze and sometimes naps on the bottom of the cage.
Emmy still has issues at bedtime. The other budgies all have their bedtime places, but Emmy hasn’t found hers yet. She chases the others around and can’t seem to settle herself. So for now, I put the divider in and she sleeps on the other side. Budgies – always keeping things interesting!

In the spotlight – Felix!

felixFelix is our handsome boy. And can be sweet – until he gives you a nip. I don’t think he wants to bite – it’s just a habit. He seems to be doing it less as time goes by. Felix likes to hang out with Ozzie. They spar occasionally, but will also nap together. He has a thing for Lera, and though she is Harvey’s sweetie, Felix is never too far from her side. Felix likes the spray bottle at bathtime. But he does not like the camera. Getting a clear photo of him is not easy. Which is a shame – he’s such a beautiful budgie : ).

In the spotlight – Sido!

sidocompBringing Sido home from the bird rescue was one of the best decisions we ever made. She just loves to hang out with us (Harry, especially). She greets us with a chirp or whistle when we walk by. “Hey, come get me!” is what I think she’s saying.

She has figured out bathing now. She’s gone from just standing in the water to fluffing her feathers. I think a bigger bathtub helped. That and Harry sprinkling water on her back.

This is her spot on the computer. If I want to get any typing done – too bad!

In the spotlight – Sunny!

sunnyShe really is a little ray of sunshine. Our Sunnerbunners is the sweetest little budgie. She’s come such a long way since we first brought her home. It took a loooong time for her to trust us enough to step up. When she’s out of the cage, it’s rare for her to step up – unless she’s on the far right side on top. Then it’s okay : ). Sunny loves to throw things off the top of the cage. I have to be careful what I put there, or a seed or water dish will be upended. And she LOVES her bath. She rolls around like a little puppy. Video of that soon to come!

In the spotlight – Ozzie!

ozzieOzzie – our first rescue bird. Ozzie is the one who will answer you with a chirp. He and Sunny like to play “let’s not go back in the cage.” Double trouble! But after a few rounds of “you can’t get me!”, he’ll step up and go back in (Sunny will then follow). He’s everyone’s friend and is an all around good budgie. We love you little Oz!

In the spotlight – Lera!

leraLera is doing well – she is truly our miracle budgie. Her beak still needs a monthly trim (even though she’s an avid chewer). Now that she’s feeling better, she’s back to climbing upside down and playing with “her” toys. Cauliflower is her new favorite veggie. We love our little Lerry berry.