Taco Tuesday

This is Bird.7498077_GWhen Robert Detrick went to Taco Bell, little did he know that he’d be going home with a budgie. While waiting at the drive-thru, a parakeet landed on the roof of his van. Detrick called to the bird and it climbed down his arm into his vehicle.

He walked into his house with the bird on his shoulder and gave it some water and bird seed from his feeder. He is holding onto the budgie, named “Bird” while he looks for it’s owner.

“God may have said, ‘You need a parakeet,’” Detrick said. “I think the bird wanted me to take him home, or help him find a home.”

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Budgies on TV

The Andy Griffith Show.ag1Episode 1: “The New Housekeeper”ag2Dickie is little Opie Taylor’s pet parakeet. After misbehaving, Opie is sent to his room without supper. He sneaks a plate anyway, and then blames Dickie, who “loves” to eat fried chicken and biscuits with honey. Dickie escapes when Aunt Bee cleans his cage. This is the last straw for Opie, who sees Aunt Bee as an unwelcome addition to the family. Opie later has a change of heart, and the episode ends with Dickie finding his way home.

Apparently, Dickie is a modern bird who also enjoys Sanka coffee.