Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Honey the Hero: A Bird Brain Book, by Emlyn Chand.1Honey is a little green budgie who lives in the Australian Outback. One day she peers through a house window and sees a superhero performing heroic actions on  television. This inspires Honey to become a superhero herself. Unfortunately her attempts to assist other animals in the outback backfire. On the verge of giving up, a baby dingo needs help. Will Honey rise to the occasion?

2Cooper thought this was a cute book. She approved of the large, colorful illustrations (by Sarah Shaw). Even though Honey was just a tiny budgie, she was able to make a difference. This, along with Honey’s perseverance was a great message for old and young alike.

Endangered Species Day

Sadly, many species of birds are endangered. Too many to feature on today’s post, so Cooper decided to pick one to spotlight: the kākāpō.Sinbad_fullThe kākāpō lives in New Zealand and is the world’s only flightless parrot. Cooper thinks it looks like a cross between a budgie and a muppet.

The kākāpō is nocturnal, long living (58 – 90 years) and is very friendly. They are said to have a pleasant, musty scent (though not as pleasant as a budgie, I’ll bet). The bird was almost wiped out by colonization and through the introduction of predators to its habitat.

Bluster_fullThere are fewer than 150 kākāpō today. The Kākāpō Recovery Program is comprised of scientists, rangers and volunteers who look after the remaining birds and help them to survive and thrive.

Find out more about the fascinating kākāpō and the Kākāpō Recovery Program here. You can view the chicks (if you happen to be in the area), donate or even adopt (sponsor) one of the birds. Cooper hopes these gentle, friendly birds will make a comeback and one day be off the endangered species list.


Vet Visit

Lera and Sunny visited the vet today. Lera had 2.5 grams of fluid withdrawn and a Lupron injection. Sunny Side-Up has been an egg laying machine, so she had a Lupron injection as well. Sunny was a little frightened (wings away from her body and panting), but she did a great job. Lera, of course, is an old pro.

Ozzie and Felix were so happy to see them when we came back – lots of preening and feeding. Both girls are doing well. Other than two more follow up visits for Sunny, I’m hoping we can avoid any more vet visits for the rest of the year!

vetSunny waiting for her turn.