Awesome Aviaries

Weltvogelpark Walsrode in Germany.vogelpark_2013_final1_kleiner-1024x709The park has over 4,000 birds and 675 different species from every continent and climatic zone in the world. weltvogelpark_gruppen_fuhrungen-3-1024x682They have shows, tours, meet and greets with the birds, lush botanical gardens and even a beer garden.flugshow-5-1024x682You can even adopt (sponsor) a bird. Budgies included!vogelpark-walsrode-wieder-fuer-besucher-geoeffnet_artikelquerphoto: Uwe Zucchi/Archiv


Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Mr. Pickle!13754173_1557359174570419_9122530576858492464_nMr. Pickle lives in the UK with Izabela.14088615_1567568743549462_854167096966777686_nHe has a soul of a rock star and behaves like a little diva sometimes 😁.13312720_1541082709531399_1706759622716455999_nHe is a very cheeky monkey, but also a cute and cuddly little baby who loves his mum’s attention 💚, helping me with my make up every morning 🐼, watching evening TV and sharing my food when I’m back from work. He’s the highlight of my life 💕.

14222110_1570920609880942_6431473901337114934_nMr. Pickle’s favourite foods are millet and eggs.13876161_1564235320549471_6858111564648007512_n

His favourite toy is his penguin on wheels

14355171_1578840592422277_1296819723720944143_nYou can find more photos and see what Mr. Pickle is up to on his facebook page, Mr. Pickle the Budgie.



1462 Days of Ozzie

3 years ago, today, we brought home our little Ozzie from the animal shelter (the poor pookie had been found on a lawn after being attacked by a cat).oz201313201414201515Todayoz10316Ozzie is a “best all around budgie”. He’s friend to all. I love how he chirps, chatters and answers me when I talk to him. He’s such a love, I could eat him up (but I won’t).

Happy anniversary Ozziebozzie – we love you!