Movie Review

This month’s movie is The Secret Life of Pets.

In The Secret Lives of Pets, a group of pets has a wild adventure in the city while they’re owners are at work. 

Max, a terrier, is not too happy when his owner brings home a new dog, Duke. In his efforts to rid himself of his new housemate, the two dogs end up without their collars and are captured by animal control. 

With the help of fellow pets and the “flushed” pets, Max and Duke become friends and find their way back home. But who cares! It’s all about Sweet Pea, the little green and yellow budgie. While Sweet Pea doesn’t have any dialogue (other than some chirps and tweets) and has only two featured scenes (at the beginning and the end of the movie), he lights up the screen – and leaves us wanting more. Cooper enjoyed this movie, and is hoping that Sweet Pea will have a spin-off. A budgie movie is long overdue!

Brunch with the Birds

Yesterday we went to Free Flight’s Brunch with the Birds. It was a beautiful day. It was good to visit with the birds and the people who work and volunteer at the sanctuary.

Midori is always picture perfect.

Baby Bird wants OUT. She did come out for some head scritches, she has a head full of pinnies.

Timmy is such a sweet fellow.

Little Echo.

Beautiful Blizzard.

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Popcorn!
Popcorn lives in Australia with Caitlin and Brock.

Popcorn enjoys watching YouTube with us. He loves music so he can talk loudly over the top of it. Millet is his favourite treat.

When he was a baby he was a light sky blue colour – now he is turquoise green.

His favourite toy is his silver bell that he is often pictured with.

Popcorn is on facebook. You can see more photos and videos of him here.