Movie Review

This month’s movie is Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye.

This movie is a collection of three stories, connected by a traveling cat.The first two stories (adaptations of short stories in King’s Night Shift collection) did not feature a budgie, and were of little interest to Cooper. She did enjoy a pecky pigeon who was the downfall of a nasty casino owner in “The Ledge”, though.

In “General” the cat must protect a little girl from a troll. Unfortunately, General is unable to save Polly the parakeet from the evil troll. Polly’s appearance in the movie was short, but she was clearly the star of the show. 

Aside from Polly’s tragic demise, this is not the scariest of Halloween flicks. But if you’re up for a cheesy 80’s flick (look for all the Stephen King movie references), Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye is worth a look.