Brunch with the Birds

Yesterday we went to the Free Flight Exotic Sanctuary Brunch with the Birds.



Midori (who is sponsored by Cooper’s friends, Kelle and John).

A pair of party crashers…

*I can never remember which Macaw is which. Maybe this year I’ll get them straight.
Here’s a little clip of Baby Bird (who is sponsored by Cooper’s friend, Jan) in action.

Cake Toppers

The Royal Wedding is almost upon us! Here are some budgie cake toppers to get you in the mood…

HeartShapedCreations on Deviant ArtLovenesting on Etsybobobabe on Etsy

PolkaDotTopShop on Etsy

Librarian Tells All (cake by Becker’s Bakery)

Felice Garden Hibiya

And here are some cakeatiel toppers…

HollieBollie on Deviant Art

feltmeupdesigns on Etsy

TeaOlive on Etsy