Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is My Name Is Pipsqueak! What’s Your Name? My True Story as told by Pipsqueak! the budgie and Cheri McAleese.

This is the story (so far) of Pipsqueak! the budgie. Pipsqueak! begins his story with his days at the pet store. He is brought home by Mommy, becomes a fantastic talker, plays games, performs tricks and brightens the lives of all who meet him. The book is told in Pipsqueak!’s voice and does a great job portraying how life looks from the budgie point of view. The appendix at the end has some great tips on how to care for (feeding, training, dealing with the occasional budgie nip) and bond with your budgie.

Cooper enjoyed this book. She thought Pipsqueak! is a terrific ambassador and spokesbird for budgies. She agrees with Pipsqueak! that budgies are brilliant birds and are capable of speaking in context (not just mimicry). Cooper’s favorite part of the book was when Pipsqueak! did loop the loops, as she is an expert at loop the loops, too.

4 thoughts on “Cooper’s Book Report

  1. I enjoy Cooper’s book reviews. I’ve been wondering: do you read the book to her? Is she an independent reader?
    Are there any other literary birds in the flock?

    • Cooper reads the book to me : ).
      They all love to read. Especially books about budgies. Well, Sido prefers books about cockatiels (too bad there aren’t many of those).

      • Are they allowed to read anything they choose? Horror (Zombie Budgies)? Or Subversive (Budgies Build Bombs)?
        I’m sure that they respect the books and don’t leave droppings on the pages.

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