10 thoughts on “Sido Saturday

    • The boys don’t disturb her as much as he girls do. Sunny especially. Sido is apprehensive around them, but they don’t seem intimidated by Sido at all. I don’t like to have them out at the same time, because all it would take would be one nip. The budgies don’t seem to realize that Sido is much bigger than they are.

  1. She looks like my friend’s cockatiel! A few years back, he (my friend) looked after my parakeet Gari, while my family and I were on vacation. I think they got along very nicely. My friend reported that they were chirping back and forth to each other.

    • She will chirp with them if she’s in the living room (and the budgies are in the bird room). The budgies do like in being in her cage (when she’s out with us) and eating her food, though.

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