8 thoughts on “Snoozing

      • I made this picture my computer background. It makes me feel happy just looking at her! Before I did that, I had a picture of Ozzie and Dewey with wide eyes. I showed it to my friend and she thought it was so funny! Gari never made her eyes wide like they did. Nor did she do what Emmy is doing. I miss Gari a lot.

        • I will let Emmy know she is a computer background : ).
          Ozzie and Dewey were not too sure about each other when they met (the big eyes), but they soon settled into being best budgie friends.
          Gari sounds like she was such a sweet bird. Have you thought about adopting another budgie? When we lost our budgies, adopting helped us with the grief. And I’m sure a budgie looking for a home would be so lucky to end up with you.

          • When I went to Long Island with my mom and my sister, we went to a bird store called Parrots of The World and we saw tons of baby parakeets! (It actually was the same place where my mom got her first two parakeets (Salt and Pepper) same owner too!) They were SO cute! Two parakeets had the same coloring as Lera. My mom, sister, and I wanted one of the two light purple parakeets. My family and I are going back up this summer with Gari’s old cage, toys, and all and picking up one of the parakeets. Hopefully they are still there! There were also some parrots! One of them could speak and it would say “hello” every now and then to us. It would also hold its weight with just its beak and dangle there for a few seconds. It was such a cute visit.

            • I bet any budgie would be lucky to have you as its human. When you’re ready, please don’t rule out looking at rescues, animal shelters and Craigslist. There are lots of budgies out there that need good homes. All of our birds (except for Cooper) are re-homed or are from shelters. So we always try to promote adopting on Cooper’s blog : ).

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