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Emmy is our big baby. Big, because she is larger than our other budgies. Baby, because she still has a playful, babyish quality about her. Emmy was rehomed and it took ages to win her trust. She comes out of the cage to play and explore, but she is still a homebody at heart.
Emmy loves Ozzie. He was the first bird to welcome her when we added her to the flock. They have been a couple ever since. She also loves her mash – it usually ends up all over her face.
Emmy has to sleep by herself at night (we have a divided flight cage). She wants to be on the swings or perches of the other birds – especially when they are on them. So that the other birds can get some rest, she must sleep alone. She doesn’t seem to mind, and in the morning she is no longer “banished”.
Our Emmerz is very fluffy and soft. And she smells absolutely wonderful. I’m surprised I haven’t inhaled her by now.

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  1. Emmy is exactly like my flock, they all fight one another at night for where they want to sleep. They’re so cute yet they can be so troublesome! Lol

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