Happy Bird’s Day Cafe

If you happen to be in Bangkok, Thailand, stop in to the Happy Bird’s Day Cafe and say hello to the birds.

The cafe houses about 110 birds in indoor and outdoor enclosures.

Among the birds you can interact with are budgies, cockatiels, all kinds of parrots, finches, chickens, quail and ducks.

You can see more here.

One thought on “Happy Bird’s Day Cafe

  1. I have to question the ethics of that whole business. Seeing the indoor and outdoor enclosures, there’s a complete lack of toys and other forms of enrichment for the parrots. Also, it seems that they’re only on a seed diet so it’s probable they have nutritional deficiencies. Thailand is horrible for animal welfare since exploiting animals (especially elephants!) for profit is very common there. Those poor birds deserve better.

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