Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Winter!

Winter lives in Bangladesh with Rashu.

Winter used to be a selfish and jealous budgie growing up. He would bully Sky and Emmett because I’d play with them sometimes. He’d compete with Emmett by stretching his body to make himself look taller than Emmett, and would kick him down if Emmett managed to look taller.

He likes seeds mainly. He avoids treats but often chows down on spinach with pleasure – and boiled corn.

He’s not fond of any of his toys, but he loves being poked with a feather – he will chase after a feather as I move it around.

Regardless of his selfish nature, he is affectionate towards me and his flock (even if he bullies them). He is obsessed with my nose. That’s probably his favourite activity, nibbling on my nose. lol   

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