Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Wiki!

wikiWiki (short for Wikileaks) lives in Australia with AnnMarie.

8616247946_4843e1cf2d_cWiki loves clicker training, with all the challenges that presents. His favourite tricks are running through the slinky, turning around and fetching. Putting things into other things is a big favourite! He’s determined to prove to the world that budgies can keep up with those bigger parrots, and what they lack in size they make up for with enthusiasm!

Wiki1Playing isn’t limited to training – he has a favourite green ball which he will follow around everywhere, and loves toys with bells on. Anything which can be grabbed and thrown, or even better – destroyed! He particularly loves “approving paperwork” left lying around by “signing” it with his beak.

His favourite veggies are broccoli, carrot and baby spinach, along with pulling seeds out of capsicum and strawberries. Millet spray is his favourite training reward.

He really loves the sound of his own voice, and if he can amplify it by talking into a hollow object, all the better. After a long day of destroying things, flying around, doing tricks and going about his budgie business, he likes to perch on AnnMarie’s hand and go to sleep, preferably while she is trying to use that hand.

Wiki in action:

More videos of the amazing Wiki here:

5 thoughts on “Cooper’s Cuties

  1. Wiki is such a smart and talented little fellow. After watching his videos, I want to dust off the clicker and see if I can get Cooper to do some tricks.

  2. I love Wiki’s polkadots! I wonder why they’re so much bigger than the average pet Budgie’s throat-spots…? Anyway, thanks for sharing 🙂

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