Play gym!

I bought a play gym the other day for the budgies. I needed something that would fit on the top of the bookshelf and (hopefully) prevent the budgies from chewing it up.

gym1It’s the Bird Activity Center from Penn-Plax. You put it together! Cooper helped me out. You’re supposed to glue the posts in, but we skipped that part. I wouldn’t want the budgies to chew down to the glue and ingest any.

coopsOnce our brave budgie Cooper gave it a thorough inspection (and it didn’t eat her), the rest of the flock decided to join her on the gym.

budgiesSee, nothing to be scared of!

gym2Ozzie looks right at home.

gym3The first thing Sunny did was chew on the edge.

gym4Dewey, sitting pretty.

The budgies enjoy flying back and forth between the gym and their cage. I replaced the green globbie thing with more stuff for the budgies to chew. They weren’t using the swing, so I used the hooks to hang up some toys. And (for now) the budgies aren’t chewing on my bookcase…

chewbut they are going to town on the sides of the gym. Sigh.

4 thoughts on “Play gym!

  1. I had one by Penn-Plax similar to that one for Allen when he was younger… but when his flight feathers grew back he wouldn’t ever sit on it anymore… and he doesn’t chew on wood. So I took it apart and kept the more useful looking pieces 😛

  2. It’s pretty boring as is. I can see why Allen lost interest.

    Putting toys on it helped. Plus the fact that it’s on a high shelf, and the budgies love to be up that high : ).

    • I agree about it being boring… but also because Allen’s a single budgie, he’s really bonded with me, and rather sit on my head or shoulder than some other perch.

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