10 thoughts on “The Stance

  1. It means they’re really hot. When budgies get too hot they open they’re wings in an attempt to cool off by exposing the more lightly feathered skin under the wings. You should try to cool them off. Overheating can be very dangerous to budgies.

    Thank you

    • I’m sure you’re right – it gets hot in Southern California!
      I give them baths and spritz them with water. They all love a bath, but only Sunny likes to be spritzed : ).

  2. When my little guy does that I usually put on a small fan. He also seems to like it when I blow on his wings like he’s a hot potato. He get’s cross if I get the spritz bottle out. Really enjoy the blog!

  3. I had one who did the same…. He would do it even in winter. Couldn’t find anywhere info about it. Always thought it was super cute.

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