Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Oscar!

oscarOscar lives in Australia with Wendy.

oscar2I’ve had Oscar for almost a year now. He came from a local pet store. From what information I managed to track down he was about two years old when I got him, so that would make him roughly three now.
He was always a stand-offish budgie. You know, “Look but don’t touch!”. I put this down to his age and I also didn’t know how long he’d been in the pet shop. He will, however, get on my finger to come in and out of the cage, and sometimes will sit on your shoulder and have a little natter.

oscar3(Oscar with his best buddy, Bailey)

He gets along okay with the other five budgies, but immediately took to my little pipsqueak – Bailey. They bonded straight away and are always feeding and preening each other. This looks hilarious as Oscar is my biggest budgie and Bailey is a tiny little runt! I call them Little and Large! Oscar has his own nickname, though. I call him Fluff. You can see why! He never did anything much, preferring to just sit and watch the others play. Until just recently when he decided that it looked FUN to come down and play! It’s nice to see!

oscar1He hasn’t really got a favourite food, apart from millet which they all love! Oh, and just a couple of other things – he waddles like a duck when he walks and it looks really funny, and he has just learned to wolf-whistle!

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