4 thoughts on “Scrufflelumps!

  1. Miss Chanel, my linnie, had a bunch of pinnies right by her eye. She kept scratching and wanted me to scratch her eye. for some reason, Miss Kauai is lucky; it never seems to bother her that much.

    • You’re so lucky to have a bird that lets you skritch them. Cooper used to let Michelle do that, but not anymore. 🙁

  2. FINALLY…!!!! Pinnies! Super-cute and adorably yummy eye-candy! And yes, I do have a pun-feather fetish (just ask Michelle…). My GiGi (RIP) was never really comfie enough to let me preen her but she did eagerly shower with me and I enjoyed watching her post-shower self-preening sessions. Oh and the other day, some poor, sweet little Quaker who was jailed at PetCo offered me his pin-covered head through his cage bars and he practically melted (figuratively speaking) while I stood there gently loosening as many ripe pins as I could reach. (I hate the pet trade & birds trapped & crammed inside stores saddens–and angers me. Plus I invariably notice a sick one among the bunch and have to tell the manager who BARELY feigns any concern at all. But, I digress.)

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