When the cockatiel’s away…

Sido recently moved into the bird room (formerly known as “my office”).1So far, so good. They haven’t been out at the same time yet. The budgies are more interested in Sido than she is in them.
Checking out the new girl.2When Sido is in the living room with Harry, the budgies like to hang out in her cage.
Here’s Cooper nibbling on Sido’s lava rock.3Ozzie nibbles her calcium kabob. The budgies have their own, but Sido’s is more appealing, of course.4Lera likes to dine out.
5Cooper was the first to explore. I think she thought this big cage was just for her…6

6 thoughts on “When the cockatiel’s away…

  1. She looks so sweet. My Oscar (green budgie) is still in love with Jo Jo (female cockatiel) My cockatiels have little or no interest in the budgies.

    • She is super sweet. So far Emmy and Sunny are the most interested in the new girl. Sido doesn’t seem that phased by the budgies. Of course, coming from a bird sanctuary, she’s used to lots of birds and activity.

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