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This month’s movie is Song of the Sea.songSong of the Sea is an Irish animated film. Ben and his “pesky” little sister Saoirse live in a lighthouse with their father. After Saoirse is found washed up on the beach, the children are sent to live with their grandmother in the city. On Halloween night, Ben discovers his sister’s secret and the two of them make their way back to the sea to save Saorise’s life and free the faeries from Macha the witch. 1Cooper thought this movie was charming. The look of the film was beautiful. And Cooper loves a fairy tale. Her favorite part of the film was the grandmother’s budgie.2The budgie was the most interesting character in the film, even though it appeared very briefly. Cooper thinks Song of the Sea would have won the Oscar if there had been more budgie and less people…

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  1. I love Cooper’s book and movie reviews. She writes beautifully, and I love her reflections. Thank you for being her transcriber, Michelle!

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