Vet Check Up

Cooper and Sunny went to the vet today for Lupron injections. Cooper also had a check up.

Cooper is doing fine – her missing feathers may or may not grow back, but everything else looks good. While she was getting her injection, she got loose and flew around the room. When she was done, she landed on the vet’s head.

After the visit, the budgies had some millet.

Sunny and Cooper took a nap. Here is Sunny right before she fell asleep.

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Dexter Budgerigar Bennett!

Dexter lives in Dublin, Ireland with Caroline.

He loves his little plastic budgie toys and throwing them around. And he loves playing with his buddy Whisper.

Dexter loves millet, in moderation, and spinach. He loves to chat, and has about 30 words.

You can see more photos (and videos) of Dexter (and Whisper) on his facebook page, here.