The Perch

The Perch is a parrot cafe in Colorado Springs. At The Perch (a partner of the Metro Denver Parrot Rescue), you can have a cup of coffee and hang out with the rescue birds. The birds are available for adoption, and the cafe is a great way for people to learn about the birds and bond with them. It takes two to four weeks to adopt a parrot, including an online course and a home inspection.

photo: Rocky Mountain Food Reportrockymountainfoodreport The cafe also sells birds supplies and toys and holds special classes (how to make a seagrass mat for your bird, etc.) and events. If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by!

        photo: CritterFilescritterfilesYou can find out more about The Perch here.


National Bird Day

35HappyBudgies05Photo: Listening Earth

Although I have a flock of 9 –  I do believe that birds should not be pets. They were meant to fly free, be part of a flock, choose their mates and raise their young. I hope some day, breeders and pet stores will stop selling these beautiful creatures. Until that day, we now only adopt (Cooper is our only pet store budgie). Cooper and the flock hope that if you are considering adding a bird to your family, you check with you local humane shelter, rescue or even Craigslist. There are many unwanted birds out there who need a loving home.