Movie Review

This month’s movie is The Messenger.messenger1The Messenger investigates the cause and effect of the disappearance of the world’s songbirds. Global warming, predation by cats, hunting by humans, deforestation, noise and light pollution and pesticides are explored. The documentary interviews scientists and bird lovers from different parts of the world.m2There are some beautiful shots of various birds, both in their natural habitats and flying inĀ  slow motion. The satellite maps of migration routes are interesting as well.
While there positive strides being made (Toronto activists drastically cutting collision deaths by placing markers on mirrored/clear-glass building surfaces), The MessengerĀ is a warning that more needs to be done before it is too late.

*Cooper wasn’t allowed to watch this movie, because it was too disturbing.


Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Feathers for Lunch by Lois Ehlert.f1In Feathers for Lunch, a cat slips out the door and goes on the prowl for a birdie lunch. Luckily, the bell on the cat’s collar warns the birds that danger is near.f2Cooper thought this book was a bit scary. But she was glad all the birds were able to fly away safely in the end.f3She liked the colorful illustrations. She thought the guide at the end of the book was a good way for young readers to learn about the different types of birds that might appear in their neighborhoods.


Budgies on TV

Alfred Hitchcock Presentsh2The Big Switch (Season 1, Episode 15).
Gangster Sam comes up with an alibi so he can murder his ex-girlfriend. His plan is to appear as if he is playing a poker game with his friend Barney. Of course, the plan backfires. Barney accidentally shoots himself and Sam is arrested for murder. But who cares! It’s all about Edgar, Sam’s budgie, who appears at the very beginning of the episode. Full episode here.

h1The Better Bargain (Season 2, Episode 11).
Mobster Louis finds out from a private investigator that his wife, Marion, is cheating on him. He hires a hit man, Harry, to murder her. Of course, the plan backfires when Louis is killed instead. Turns out Harry is the one who Marion is having an affair with. But who cares! It’s all about the pair of budgies that Louis was going to give to Marion (who loves birds). Full episode here.