The Perch

Last month we visited family in Arizona. While there, we went to The Perch Pub and Brewery in Chandler. Besides serving food and having 30 beers on tap (Harry loves beer), The Perch houses over 50 rescue birds on their grounds.

The lovebirdslovebirdsI fell in love with this Indian Ringneck Parakeet.irThis Blue and Gold Macaw wants out!macawSome beer for Harry…beerAnd on to the budgies!budgiesbudgies2Budgie and canarybfinchBudgies, cockatiel and dovebfdcThis looks like the work of a naughty budgie…naughtyWe enjoyed our time at The Perch. If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend that you  stop by for a brew and say, “Hello” to the birds!warningBut make sure to keep an eye on your kids.

Cooper’ Book Report

This month’s book is Pet Parrots Up Close by Cooper’s friend, Karon Dubke!1If you want to see some gorgeous photos while learning about parrots, then Pet Parrots Up Close is the book for you! This book is aimed at younger readers. Each page has a description and close-up photo of parrot anatomy (tails, eyes, beaks, etc.). 2Cooper’s favorite parts of the book were the photos of her budgie friends Bert and Ernie. So handsome! She loved how colorful and detailed the photographs were. As a former preschool teacher, I loved how informative this book was. The large photos make it perfect for circle time or for children to pour over on their own. Cooper and and the flock give this book 5 stars!

*Cooper is hoping for a follow-up book: All About Budgies!

Budgie Buy

Susan brought these cute little toys to my attention. What child (or adult) wouldn’t want one of these as a holiday gift? The birds come single or with a cage and they can chirp, sing and repeat phrases. Best of all – no poop!llpOf course I had to get one. cllpCooper checks out the competition…

They require 2 AAA batteries. Collect them all!

Please pass the parakeets.

The holidays are coming… what better way to make your table festive than with budgie salt and pepper shakers?

Quail CeramicsqcFrom Garden Feather Bird Suppliesgardenfeatherbirdsupplies?salpepBone China salt shaker from Madelyn’s Attic on Etsy.madelynsatticsalt?sp3?sp6?sp7Plastic shakers from Barb’s Vintage Finds on Etsy.barbsvintagefindsetsySilver plated shakers on eBay.ebayAsprey’s silver pepper pots (1906) from The Antique Boutique.aspreysSterling Silver shakers by Sampson Mordan. Only $4,670.48 on eBay! Definitely an item for Cooper’s wish list.sampsonmordanHere is Cooper with our shakers by Flights of Fancy (thanks Craig!).sp3They also come in green/yellow and green/white.

ffWhich ones are your favorite?