Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Mykey!13293334_910747959047745_954412259_nMykey lives in England with Jenni.13318485_910747942381080_1297680073_nMykey is 4 years old. Her favourite toy is probably spoons! She enjoys watching birds from her pots on the windowsill and when she gets sleepy, sitting/snoozing on my shoulder. She loves SWEETCORN ☺️. She talks too – her favourite phrase is “hello budgie!”13288841_910747932381081_313305220_nYou can see more of beautiful Mykey on her facebook page and on Twitter (@MykeyBudgie).

Budgies on TV

I Dream of Jeannie.jeannie1Never Try to Outsmart a Jeannie: Season 1 (episode 19).jeannie2Tony must go on a trip to Rome. Jeannie wants to come along, but Tony says no. After some scheming, Tony relents. Jeannie can come along, but only if she can obtain a passport without magic.

Roger Healey tells Tony he’ll look after things while he is gone. He’ll check the mail, wash the car and look after Seymour the parakeet (the parakeet is really Roger’s). What Roger really wants is access to Jeannie and her magic. He has plans for  new furniture, golf clubs, a boat and a tv. While Seymour’s scene is brief, he is definitely the star of the show.

Full episode here.

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Honey the Hero: A Bird Brain Book, by Emlyn Chand.1Honey is a little green budgie who lives in the Australian Outback. One day she peers through a house window and sees a superhero performing heroic actions on  television. This inspires Honey to become a superhero herself. Unfortunately her attempts to assist other animals in the outback backfire. On the verge of giving up, a baby dingo needs help. Will Honey rise to the occasion?

2Cooper thought this was a cute book. She approved of the large, colorful illustrations (by Sarah Shaw). Even though Honey was just a tiny budgie, she was able to make a difference. This, along with Honey’s perseverance was a great message for old and young alike.