Australia Day

In honor of Australia Day, Cooper is holding a mini fundraiser for her animal friends affected by the devastating wildfires in Australia. You can donate to Cooper’s mini fundraiser on her facebook page here.
WIRES (NSW Wildlife, Rescue, Information & Education Service Inc) is a nonprofit, volunteer based, native animal rescue organisation. You can read more about WIRES and their efforts to rescue and rehabilitate native wildlife here:
Cooper believes that little things can make a big difference. She is a small bird so she is asking for small donations ($1), in the hope that they will add up. Please consider helping the animals in Australia by donating.

New Toy – January

It’s the “Over the Rainbow” from TheBestBirdToys on Etsy. I ordered it “Naked” (color free option).

I had a hard time getting a clear photo with any of the budgies. They were too busy chipping away at the toy. Here’s Felix about to get started and Cooper making balsa confetti.