Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Pip!

Pip lives in Australia with Kirsty.

Pip loves fruit and gum leaves (he makes a chattering sound when I put them in his cage – like he’s excited).

Pip loves his swing. He jumps on the side of his cage, turns to grab the swing, jumps on it then goes lol sometimes hanging upside-down. He sleeps on it too.

He also loves music and chatting all day.

You can see more photos (and videos, too) of Pip on his facebook page, here.

Budgies on TV

Better Call Saul

Chicanery (Season 3, Episode 5)

In this episode Jimmy and Kim face Chuck in court. But who cares?! it’s all about the budgies! Jimmy visits veterinarian Dr Caldera, hoping he knows someone with a “light touch” who can help him out. The budgies appear for only seconds, but are sure to become fan favorites.