We ended up taking Cooper to the vet again on Tuesday evening. She had been losing weight and not eating. When we got to the vet she vomited what she did eat. So she was checked in overnight for fluids and feedings. Our vet did a fecal test as well. The next day we found out that Cooper has avian gastric yeast, so she’s on meds for that now. And what a difference they made.

A not very good photo of Cooper being picked up from the vet’s office.vetWhen we got her home, Cooper was full of energy. She even did 3 loop the loops on the little perch Harry made for her. We gave her a bit of food and put her to bed.coopthursHere she is after eating her mash today. She is still in her “tub” where she will be for at least 10 days. She can visit with the budgies for a bit, but only from her tub (she needs to be quarantined). Seeing the budgies eating stimulates her appetite. Here’s a little video of her eating next to them. We’re so happy she’s back with us and are hoping the third time is the charm!