Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Mimi and Maty to the Rescue! – Book 3: C.C. the Parakeet by Brooke Smith.1Mimi, an official animal rescuer, starts her first day of second grade. It has its ups and downs. One of the downs is leaving her three legged dog, Maty, at home. So Mimi is excited when it’s “bring your pet to school day”.

One of the pets, parakeet C.C., flies out of an open window after being startled by one of the students. Mimi and Maty are quick to help and use their ingenuity and knowledge of parakeets to find C.C. 2Cooper loved this book. And not just because it featured a blue budgie… She thought the illustrations (by Alli Arnold) were cute. She liked the story Mimi’s mother told about her pet parakeet (flying into a toilet!) and the parakeet facts that Mimi uses to find C.C.

The end of the book has photos of the real Mimi (the author’s daughter) and Maty. Mimi created the site Freekibble, which feeds meals to homeless pets at shelters across the country. Maty is a Humane Society goodwill ambassador and visits schools and groups to educate people about animal safety.

Hanging Around

coopJan (who belongs to the adorable Puck) sent this papier-mâché budgie handcrafted by Bee Deez! It was modeled after a photo of Cooper that Jan sent to the artist. Amazing! Cooper is not sure yet how she feels about her likeness and is keeping her distance. Probably for the best – this is not something that I want nibbled on.

Thank you so much, Jan! It’s so wonderful to find budgie obsessed friends (the best kind). I love this cute little look-alike!