Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Chirpy!

Chirpy lives in Spain with Pam.

Chirpy’s favourite toy is her penguin.

Her hobbies include throwing things on the floor, tormenting her humans and she loves and running, even though she’s a great flyer.

She loves to roll over to have her tummy tickled and wants lots of head rubs.

You can see more of Chirpy on her facebook page, Chirpy the Crazy Parakeet.

A Happy Ending

*photo Leon Cook/Stars and Stripes

This little one was found in a parking lot at the Yokota Air base in Japan. Employees of The Stars and Stripes newspaper launched a social media site to look for the owner. Not long after, Kumi Sato recognized the budgie as belonging to her mother.
Ao-chan had escaped from an open door and flew 15 miles before being found. Ao-chan is a therapy bird for Sato’s mother, who suffers from dementia. The family looked for Ao-chan and posted flyers. The little bird was lucky as many stray cats and crows are in the area.
“When Sato arrived at Yokota to retrieve the lost parakeet she asked: “Ao-chan?” and got an affirmative tweet in reply, prompting a flood of happy tears.”
You can read the entire story here.