Cutie of the Year!

In the past 12 months Cooper’s Corner has featured some pretty amazing budgies. Cooper decided that from 2014’s cuties she would pick a Cutie of the Year! Here are this year’s contestants:

January: Kacey1kaceyFebruary: Fred2fredMarch: Bubba3bubbaApril: Sonnet4sonnetMay: Celeste and Cyan5celestecyanJune: Bubbles6bubblesJuly: Tweety Girl and Player7tweetygirlplayerAugust: Bert and Ernie8berternieSeptember: Robin9robinOctober: Bullet10bulletNovember: Puck11puckDecember: Perri Blue12perriblueSo which adorable budgie will be Cooper’s Cutie of the Year?? The envelope please…envAnd Cooper’s Cutie of 2014 is…cutieOh, Cooper.

*Thank you to all the budgies who participated in Cooper’s Corner this year – we love you all!

If you would like your budgie to be featured in a Cooper’s Cuties post, send an email by clicking on Cooper’s contact link.