Cooper’s Talent Show

Corienne Pretorius was mystified when a package containing gift boxes arrived from Amazon. Neither she nor anyone in her family had ordered them.

She finally concluded that Buddy, her African Grey parrot activated her smart Amazon Echo device to place the order.

Buddy can mimic her voice (though he doesn’t talk when she’s around). Pretorius heard him talking to Alexa in the next room and put two and two together. You can read more about Buddy and his Amazon order here.
*It’s a good thing my flock doesn’t talk. Millet and toys would arrive at our door nonstop.

Which bird is right for you?

Are you thinking of adopting a bird?
MyBird (with Birdhism) has a little quiz you can take to let you know which bird is right for you.

After you get your results, there is information on how to care for your new bird and even links to rescues where you can adopt.

So take the quiz and let Cooper know which type of bird is right for you!


September 10, 2017
While checking I-95 this morning for stranded motorists, Cpl. Laff of Post 23-Brunswick stopped with a vehicle near mile post 10 in Camden County. The vehicle had been left unattended for approximately twelve hours. Inside the vehicle was a bird cage with five parakeets. Animal control was unable to respond and take possession of the birds. Cpl. Laff, being an avid animal lover, made the command decision to remove the birds from the vehicle and relocate them to Post 23. A tip of the Trooper hat to Cpl. Laff, Post 23’s Pet Detective!
– From the Georgia Department of Public Safety facebook page

Obi is 68!

Yesterday we went to a fundraiser for Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary. The fundraiser was a 68th birthday party for Obi (an Umbrella Cockatoo). 

The birds celebrated with treats. And there were treats for the humans, too.

Here we are with Timmy (an Eclectus we sponsor) and Braidy, my new love.

Here is Braidy in all his pinny glory.

And here are some of the other wonderful birds we visited with.

Midori wants up.

Jesse wants scritches.

Harry was happy to help out.

There’s a cockatoo in there somewhere…

There are birds available at Free Flight to adopt or sponsor.

We now sponsor Ozzie, too. Who could resist this little cutie?

Everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to Obie. He and the other cockatoos seemed excited by the singing – all the crests went up. Here is the birthday boy with a yummy walnut.

Happy birthday Obie!

Awesome Aviaries

The Shukavana bird home in Mysuru, India.

The Shukavana bird home has recently set a record for the most bird species in an aviary. The free-flight aviary has approximately 2,100 birds of 468 different species.

His Holiness Dr. Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji created Shukavana to preserve endangered species of birds. Next to the aviary is an avian hospital, where Dr Swamiji and his team of volunteers treat injured, sick and abandoned birds. Sri Swamiji has an incredible relationship with the birds and has trained many of them to talk and interact with visitors.


Cooper decided that once a month she wants to feature those who rescue, shelter or are active in the conservation of her feathered friends. This month she would like to promote The Center for Avian Adoption, Rescue, and Education (CAARE).

CAARE is a non-profit, all volunteer organization in North Dakota devoted to the welfare of companion parrots. They help parrots find new homes as well as educate the public on caring for birds. 

They have a room dedicated to large parrots and one for small parrots. CAARE does on site visits (nursing homes, schools, etc) as well.

If you live in the area and would like to help, you can adopt or volunteer. You can also support this organization by donating. CAARE has a facebook page where you can see photos of the parrots posing with their adoptive humans. Cooper loves to see the photos of the birds with their new families.

Awesome Aviaries

The National Aviary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The National Aviary is the largest aviary in the country. The aviary is home to over 500 birds representing more than 150 species. Alas, none of them are budgies. Boo.

This independent, aviary provides up-close interaction between visitors and the birds. Some you can hand feed. They provide educational programs, have a breeding program for endangered birds, conduct research and work to save endangered species by preserving natural habitats.So if you find yourself in the Pittsburgh area, make sure to check out the National Aviary! (Even though they don’t have budgies).


Cooper decided that once a month she wants to feature those who rescue, shelter or are active in the conservation of her feathered friends. This month she would like to promote Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue.

Mickaboo is an all volunteer organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area. They provide medical care, foster homes, educate the public and rescue 300 – 440 birds every year.

If you are in the San Francisco area and are looking for a companion bird, please consider adopting. You can find out how on Mickaboo’s website. You can also become a sponsor, volunteer,  shop Mickaboo or donate.

You can find out more about Mickaboo on their website or on facebook.

Brunch with the Birds

Yesterday we went to Free Flight’s Brunch with the Birds. It was a beautiful day. It was good to visit with the birds and the people who work and volunteer at the sanctuary.

Midori is always picture perfect.

Baby Bird wants OUT. She did come out for some head scritches, she has a head full of pinnies.

Timmy is such a sweet fellow.

Little Echo.

Beautiful Blizzard.