730 Days of Felix

Two years ago, we brought home a pale blue budgie (we found him on Craigslist).
(2014)2014(2015)2015(today)fel2016Felix is such a handsome boy. He adores Lera and is her little shadow. He still makes time to mate with Cooper, though -he’s definitely a ladies’ man. Felix still nips on occasion, but he’s more accepting of kisses. He loves bath time and the spritzer, and is usually the first one out of the cage when the door opens. He’s a good budgie (aside from the occasional sparring with Ozzie) and we love him. Happy anniversary Felix!






Birthday Budgie

Look who’s two(ish)!birthdayHere he is with his new toy. I put up the divider so he could have some time with it alone. He went in to “destructo” mode right away. The orange bar was gone in no time.f2Felix is currently on meds for avian gastric yeast – so his face feathers are a little yellow at the moment. He seems to be doing much better. Right now he’s enjoying his birthday millet.

Happy birthday Felix – we love you!

In the spotlight – Felix!

felixFelix is our handsome boy. And can be sweet – until he gives you a nip. I don’t think he wants to bite – it’s just a habit. He seems to be doing it less as time goes by. Felix likes to hang out with Ozzie. They spar occasionally, but will also nap together. He has a thing for Lera, and though she is Harvey’s sweetie, Felix is never too far from her side. Felix likes the spray bottle at bathtime. But he does not like the camera. Getting a clear photo of him is not easy. Which is a shame – he’s such a beautiful budgie : ).

365 days of Felix

One year ago, today, we brought home this little guy.nbFelix is a wonderful little budgie. It took him a while to step up. But now he does so readily. He may or may not give a nip, though. When he’s distracted, I’ve even managed to sneak in a kiss

Felix loves the ladies, but none of the girls have returned his affections. Yet. Who knows what the future holds… He is a very handsome fellow.felix1year

New Toy – December

toyIt’s the vine ball Christmas tree from Super Bird Creations.

Cooper investigates.coopSunny investigates.sun1And goes for it.s2Felix is shy. fLera looking sweet.lEmmy was hesitant at first.e1But soon got into the destructo spirit. e2She’s been working on the tree all day. All the other budgies come and go to give it a nibble, but this is HER toy – so watch out!