Als je gewoon even lekker geknuffeld wilt worden

Posted by De lachspier on Sunday, September 30, 2018

Moving Day

move1Recently, Ozzie packed up all of his belongings and moved in with Cooper and Dewey.

move2 The three are getting along well. Ozzie is very popular. If he’s not hanging out with Cooper, he’s hanging out with Dewey. He’s rarely off on his own.

move3There has been the occasional squabble, but the budgies are doing a great job sharing their food/toys/perches. Cooper seems to have first dibs on everything, though. Hopefully, Sunny will have an easy move as well.

napMoving can be exhausting…

Three’s Company(?)

So we let Cooper, Dewey and Ozzie out of their cages.

deweyozzieAnd that happened.

meetBut then Dewey and Ozzie settled down. Now they’re little buddies and like to be together. Dewey even chases Cooper off when she gets too close to them. I’m not sure if Dewey wants Ozzie all to himself or if he doesn’t want Cooper and Ozzie to become little sweethearts.

postThey’re still establishing a pecking order, and can’t be alone without supervision. But it looks promising…