Brunch with the Birds

Yesterday we went to Free Flight’s Brunch with the Birds. It was a beautiful day. It was good to visit with the birds and the people who work and volunteer at the sanctuary.

Midori is always picture perfect.

Baby Bird wants OUT. She did come out for some head scritches, she has a head full of pinnies.

Timmy is such a sweet fellow.

Little Echo.

Beautiful Blizzard.

Free Flight

We visited the birds at the Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary today. They were having a holiday toy workshop where you could make toys for the birds.

TimmytimmyLunalunaBraidy (with pinnies)braidyRedredOzzieozzie Midori (sponsored by Kelle and John) playing peek-a-boo.midoriBlizzardblizzardEcho is new to Free Flight.echoNot sure who this is – Casper maybe? They have so many cockatoos.ctooThere are also a few African Greys.greyAnd macaws.bmac*These were taken with Harry’s cell phone. Can’t wait until the camera is back from the shop!

Here are Ozzie and Midori in action. Midori was singing, but was shy when the camera was on.



Giving Tuesday

givetuesIt’s Giving Tuesday! Today is a great day to help others through the gift of your time, donations, goods or voice. One of Cooper’s favorite organizations is the Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary (where we found Sido). She also likes our local animal shelter (where we found Ozzie and Alfie).

If you’d like to learn more about Giving Tuesday, you can do so here.

Brunch with the Birds

Today we went to Free Flight and had Brunch with the Birds.

We fell in love with Duchess. She’s new to the sanctuary. Here she is asking for scritches.dDuchess showing off.d2We also fell in love with Brady. He’s new, too. And is very pinny.bHere’s Baby Bird. He is sponsored by Jan, and is quite the little character.bbEveryone wants to step up. hHere’s our friend Timmy.tAnd another Eclectus, Cooper. What a great name!cPeanut is a darling. I wish I knew how to knit – I’d make her a little sweater.pThis little cockatoo is sitting pretty.koiIf you would like to read more about the Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary, you can do so at their website or on facebook.

Free Flight Holiday

Yesterday we visited the Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary to visit the birds and do a little holiday shopping. We decided on these drinking glasses, that are also available on CafePress.

free_flight_drinking_glassThe birds also have a “Dear Santa list” for toys or donations.

Aussie, Harley and Dusty (or maybe it’s Aussie, Dusty and Harley…)tielsAruba and Kiwi – These two are little cuddlebunnies.akOzzie shows us how to floof.ozzieBaby Bird – such a cute little clown.bbPeanut is a sweetheart. In a perfect world, all birds would fly free.peanutAbby says, “Happy Holidays!”abby