I was going to write more about Gordie’s life, but Michelle did such a good job, I’d just be repeating her. Instead I’ll share some thoughts from the last week.

Now that Gordie is gone, it is really tough to look at the flock without thinking about him. Even the flock has been behaving differently without him. He didn’t have the loudest or craziest personality and was likely one of the calmest birds. Maybe that was because he was a mature bird.

It is difficult to explain how sad losing Gordie has made me feel. I try to tell myself that Gordie lived a better life than he ever did before meeting us. He was with a flock, he had a mate, he took baths, grew out his flight feathers and flew around, probably for the first time ever. He enjoyed eating millet and fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis and even looked healthier than when he first entered our home. He met Cooper.

I hope we made him happy and I wish we had found him sooner. As sad as it is to lose Gordie, I feel more inspired to find another budgie that needs a good home. Good bye Little Man, thank you for making our lives better, you will be missed.


Michelle is gone for the weekend and I was left in charge. I forgot what I needed to do for a post and took a picture of Cooper and Sunny.Oops1After talking to Michelle, I remembered (after being told) that I was supposed to take a photo of the new bird. Yay!Oops2I didn’t like how that turned out, so I took the top off the cage and… spooked her with my camera. Eeks! She flew away and crawled under the couch. After much coaxing, I managed to get her here.Oops3Welcome to the flock, Nuni! (That’s not her name, I just like to call her that).


Did you know that January is “Adopt a Bird Month”?cageMeet Gordie – our newest addition! We found Gordie (we named him after Gordie Howe – Mr. Hockey) on Craigslist. Here he is in his quarantine cage.gordieGordie is approximately 5 years old and has had at least two former owners. His previous owner did a great job taming him after acquiring him from some neglectful owners. He loves to sit on shoulders, but is wary of stepping up. We’ll try to work on that.hgHarry is going to be a favorite perch. It’s good to be tall! This little budgie is a sweetie, and I can’t wait for him to meet the rest of the flock.

*The fact that he is blue is a just a coincidence! Gordie was the first budgie we saw on the animal shelter sites/Craigslist.