Lucky little budgies

The budgies got a package from their friend john. Inside were toys and treats!

An überpiñata! It takes Dewey a little time to warm up to (aka: not be scared of) a new toy , so only Cooper is pictured.

A disco ball! Now the budgies can get down and shake their booties.

A whole package of millet!

Little Yettobenamed also chowed down. And today just happens to be john’s birthday, so Happy birthday john! You’re the best!

A contest for Cooper

Lay’s is currently running a contest to come up with a new potato chip flavor. First prize is 1 million dollars, so Cooper couldn’t wait to enter.

First she did a little research…

Then she entered her flavor combination on the Lays facebook app.

Now she just needs to wait for the results and that million dollar check!