Birthday Budgie

Look who’s one(ish)!hbdayHarvey hasn’t moved in with the budgies yet – but he’s getting there. I’m able to almost touch him. Stepping up is right around the corner, I think. Then it will be time to meet the flock.

Harvey doesn’t really play with the toys in his cage, though he does look at himself in the dice. I haven’t bought any birthday toys for him yet. Once he moves into the big cage and “becomes a budgie” I’ll know what his toy preferences are. He’s not really into millet and won’t touch his veggies/fruit. I’m hoping the other budgies will show him the way.

Happy birthday little one – we love you!

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book was Winging It: A Memoir of Caring for a Vengeful Parrot Who’s Determined to Kill Me by Jenny Gardiner.wiIn Winging It, Jenny Gardiner writes about her life with her family and assorted pets. One of them being Graycie, an African Grey Parrot. Gardiner is humorous in her descriptions of the joys and tragedies in her hectic life. The author loves her pets and has good intentions, but…

The book doesn’t really center on Graycie, she appears sporadically. The family is too busy for the care of Graycie and due to various calamities, she is often overlooked. This is a book on how not to care for your parrot. Graycie even makes a few trips to the vet with a broken breastbone after falling off her cage before Gardiner discovers that maybe she is clipping the bird’s feathers too short. Ack.

Cooper doesn’t think Graycie was vengeful at all. She thinks the parrot’s bad behavior (much of it is normal parrot behavior – chewing and pooping) was a result of the care she received. Being bored, ignored and shut away in a basement is not an ideal life for such an intelligent bird.

At the end of the book Gardiner states, “I suppose when that day comes (when the kids are grown) we’ll finally have time to really devote to Graycie.” I certainly hope so. Gardiner mentions a parrot sanctuary, Project Perry, which is near her. She writes of seeing the grey parrots flying freely and socializing. Sounds like a great place for Graycie.

*Thanks to Susan for the recommendation. I love to read about people and their birds. There’s always something to learn from their viewpoints and experiences.

Free Flight Flock

Last Sunday we attended the Free Flight Bird Sanctuary holiday sale. It’s always nice to visit with the birds.

Eclectus parrot – male,eand female.feA very friendly Sulfur Crested Cockatoo.cA case of feather plucking. c2I wish that birds were not kept as pets. In a perfect world…

These sun conures were adorable.conureAnother case of feather plucking. In the cage next door was this bird’s mirror image. It’s heartbreaking to see. I’m glad that these birds found their way to Free Flight. I hope that they will be adopted by someone who will give them the love and care they deserve.fpBlue and Gold and Scarlet Macaws.mEnjoying a walnut.nutGoffin cockatoo – Let me out!gofWhite Bellied Caique.wbcAfrican Grey.agMexican Red-headed Amazon.mrhYellow-crowned Amazon. Wouldn’t it be lovely if he/she were flying free?ycaI fell in love with the cockatiels. Wanted to take this one home…tielSome weird looking birds…koiI always walk away from Free Flight with mixed feelings. I’m glad a refuge like this exists. I hate to think of where these beautiful birds would end up without it. Taking care of a bird is quite an undertaking and ownership should not be taken lightly. Birds need love and attention, exercise and entertainment. They should not be stuck alone in a cage all day with no companionship or toys to play with. I hope that anyone who would like a bird as a pet first considers adopting an abandoned bird in need of a loving home.

My budgies bring me great joy. And I know there are many devoted bird owners out there. People who love, spoil and cherish their birds. But I would rather there be no pet stores or breeding at all if it would cease the mistreatment and neglect of these wonderful, intelligent creatures.

What do you think? bgm

Cooper’s Talent Show

Ready or not, the holidays are here! Here are some festive feathered friends to get us in the mood.

Cucuchi the cockatiel.

Rosie the Galah cockatoo.

Scooby the African grey parrot.

Alec, another African grey parrot.

Lucy, an umbrella cockatoo.

And last, but not least – a little budgie named Joy.