Budgies on TV

Family GuyHTTPete (Season 16, Episode 18)Peter’s brewery wants to increase sales by appealing to millennials. Hammer. a professional millennial, is hired to teach the staff all things hipster. When Hammer is hit by a bus, Peter takes over as the social media director and chaos ensues.
But who cares! It’s all about the budgie who appears in the instructional film about millennials. It has 9 million followers on Snapchat!

Budgies on TV

House Hunters

Doctors’ Dilemma in New York (Season 142, Episode 2).

Surgeon Steven and Geriatrician Stephanie are looking for a new home in Westchester, New York. Steven wants a Craftsman style home with a yard big enough for their dog, Artoo. Stephanie would like a Cape Cod style home with a room just for their budgie, Miso. 

The couple makes the right decision. It’s all about Miso – whom Steven says, thinks his hair is a nest. At the end of the episode, Miso decides to fly out of his room. Typical budgie.

Budgies on TV

The Big Bang Theory

The Hot Troll Deviation (Season 4, Episode 4).

Howard asks Penny to help him win back Bernadette, and Raj and Sheldon have an office war. But who cares?! It’s all about the budgie. Raj brings a budgie into the office because he knows Sheldon is afraid of birds. The shenanigans escalate until there is an explosion. Luckily, the little blue budgie makes it out alive.